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Nationality Flag-Spain.jpg Spanish
Date of birth 25 November 2007
Day 5
Date of death 10 September 2009
Residence Asturias
Sex Male
Newspaper The Daily Fail
President of Argentina
2 December 2007 – 1 February 2008
Succeeded by Joimzhando
6 November 2008 – 6 February 2009
Preceded by kurtkbain
Succeeded by T
20 March 2009 – 6 April 2009
Preceded by Irenfrea
Succeeded by dajuliani
Congress member of Argentina
26 October 2008 – 6 November 2008
26 April 2009 – 6 May 2009
Congress member of Spain
26 May 2009 – July 2009 (est)
Minister of Integration and Innovation of Spain
22 May 2009 – 5 August 2009
Preceded by Nesan Keihan-Tohoku
Succeeded by martriera
Party president of Ciudadanos y Democracia
16 July 2009 – 13 August 2009
Preceded by PruDeN
Military rank Icon rank Commander.png Commander
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman
Siddy was banned on 10th September 2009 for exploiting resources

Siddy was a citizen of Argentina, born in Patagonia. Residing in Asturias, but during his life he visited Canary Islands and Aquitaine.


Siddy had a very good Land skill and was a valued employee. He has received 2 Hard Worker medals.


He held many positions during his political career:

  • Spanish Minister of Integration and Innovation
  • President of Argentina for 6 terms.
  • Congress member - 2 terms as a Congressman of Argentina and 2 terms as a Congressman of Spain.

One of the creators of an unofficial alliance Fraternal Union of Countries and Kingdoms which contained 34 countries. The aim of the alliance was to give countries who have no official alliance, the chance to participate in the Battle of the Alliances competition set up by Administrators.

Party affiliation

Siddy was a member of several parties during the career, including:


Siddy was a Supreme Commander of Fraternal Union of Countries and Kingdoms alliance.

Commander of Argentina during Brazil-Argentina War

Commander of Argentina during Indonesia-Argentina War (11 November 2008 and 23 February 2009)

South Korean Independence War was panned and directed by siddy and Richie450. It took less than 20 days to plan this war, At the time Richie450 Had struck a deal with ATLANTIS So that they would help him liberate South Korea in order to distract PEACE members in the area then siddy called (President of Argentina that the time) units from the military to help out. Alongside a resistance force that had been formed by Richie himself lead the way into battle, The attempt was a success due to numerous disputed reasons. President Siddy had orders to invade Japan and to start the Independence war in order to form a distraction. Although the Argentinean army saw early success, near the end, in two of the regions, Gyeonggi-do and Gyeongsangnam-do, the Japanese army had pushed Argentinean soldiers to no-men land. However due to a bug, Japan was unable to secure it, even after overwhelming the region, and led to the loss of all three regions..., and this causes a tremendous amount of dispute which continued for months.


The Daily Fail is the newspaper owned and published by Siddy. There are over 480 readers subscribed to his paper.


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Hard Worker (x2)
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Congress Member (x4)
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Country President (x3)
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Resistance Hero (x1)
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Party President* (x1)