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Nationality Flag-Japan.jpg Japanese
Date of birth 07.09.2009
Date of death Sometime in 2011 (est)
Residence Kanto
Sex Female
Party president of Desu Workers' Party
4 January 2010 – 15 January 2010
Succeeded by Brigade Chief Haruhi Suzumiya
Party member of Desu Workers' Party
15th January 2010 – 5th April 2010
Congress member of Japan
25th March 2010 – 25th April 2010
Party member of SOS Brigade
5th April 2010 – 16th April 2010
Party member of Sekai Shakai Sensen
16th April 2010 – May (est)
Military rank Icon rank Commander*.png Commander*
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman


Sigrun Makinen was born on Day 667, in the Norrland and Sameland region of Sweden. On the same day she got a job and started training, joining the mass of 2-Clickers up until the point she reached 25 XPs and became able to fight. That same day, she applied for the Swedish Military, fighting a great many battles for them. She never forgot her job though, and to this day hasn't missed a single day of work, as proven by six Hard Worker medals. Having broken into the double digits in terms of Strength, the next goal would be getting her third Super Soldier medal.


She owned a newspaper that was moderately popular, having 40 subscribers.


Not having been able to fight until the end of the American Liberation Campaign, most of her early army activity consisted of unarmed training wars and minor (and some major) battles she chipped some damage in, something which would be clear by her being a Icon Captain.jpg V1 Captain sitting at 350+ Fights. She has participated in the battles to keep Russia out of Scandinavia, but what she sees as her greatest achievement (or more precisely, the achievement she was a part of) was having an active part in the liberation of Liaoning and Karnataka. She was a member of Japanese Imperial Army.


After making an account, she looked into the Wiki pages of the various political parties in Sweden, and ultimately decided that the party program of the Democrats of New Sweden (DNS) were the ones closest to her own views. Not being a native Swedish speaker, the language barrier was a bit difficult to overcome, but she managed, even running for Congress a few times but not making the cut. Though no longer a member, due to living outside of eSweden, she retained in good relations with members.

During her stay in USA she kept her Swedish citizenship, and it wasn't until she was contacted by Brigade Chief Haruhi Suzumiya that this would change. Together, they created the Desu Workers' Party (DWP) with a main goal to become a part of Congress.

Her political views rely for the majority on a solid economy, stable and friendly relations with the nations around her and a strong and organized military, promoting activity in battles regardless of rank. That's not to say she would advocate going to war, but there is no better defense than a strong and active population, and army ranks are simply an important part of damage dealt. Economical strength is important as well, as wars between nations last as long as their government's treasuries, and thus improving Japan's economy would be a matter of great importance to her.

After the turbulent political times, during the March 2010 Congress Elections in Japan, Sigrún managed to land in Congress for the first time, after five previous failed attempts. Ironically, it was the first time she didn't have a Presentation due to simply having forgotten to write one. After a party merge between Desu Workers' Party and the SOS Brigade, renamed to Sekai Shakai Sensen on April 16th, she stayed in the party.