Silent Flamer

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Silent Flamer

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Nationality Flag-Canada.jpg Canadian
Date of birth 03 October 2009
Day 683
Date of death Summer 2010 (est)
Residence Peninsular Malaysia
Sex Male
Military rank Icon rank Major.png Major
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Silent Flamer was a chef in eRepublik. He had the manufacturing skill and changed jobs when there was a new job offer with a better salary. This chef planned to travel to Norway, Japan, Russia and his actual home country, Malaysia someday in the future. He is a saving type of person which prefers to save and be proud of his money yet never shows off to people.

Silent Flamer's real name is Lorden Von Chivulae . Try to call him Flamefox .


Silent Flamer testing a new weapon!

He was working at CAF Armoury.


Salmon Fish

Lorden loves salmon fish, any type! Grilled, Pan-fried, and he also likes raw salmon sushi!


He loves scrambled eggs, fried eggs, omelette, and many more!


He loves wooden houses, especially wood cabins. He also prefers clean places.


Silent Flamer was a party member of the Democratic Action League. He hoped he could be president of Canada one time. Unfortunately, it never happened.

Online Links

He created a game city from a blog program - Enter the FFITHFC or Read his diary!