Silver Viper

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Silver Viper

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Nationality Flag-Iran.jpg Iranian
Date of birth Apr 25, 2009
Day 522
Date of death year 2010
Sex male
Newspaper Sting of Viper
Congress member of Iran
July 25, 2009 – August 24, 2009
Ambassador of Iran
April 17, 2010 – 2010
Congress member of Iran
April, 25, 2010 – May, 24, 2010
Military rank Icon rank Commander***.png Commander***
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman
Citizens account suspended for usage of multiple accounts

Silver Viper was a citizen of Iran.

His first and still preferred party in his country was Rastakhiz. He went on a trip to see the world and has seen many country since then, but he has returned to his country and has lived in Fars.

Official Career

  • He is owner of the newspaper called Sting of Viper.
  • He served his beloved country in congress from the region Jharkhand in July,2009.
  • He served again in congress from region of Kerman Province in April, 2010.

Unofficial Career

  • He served in his first country cabinet during third presidency of milad_dante as President's Foreign Assistant in Iran, Sep,2009.
  • His second place in a governmental cabinet came when he was placed in Ministry of Foreign Affairs by NEC during his first presidency in Iran, Nov,2009.
  • He is appointed as the Ambassador of Iran in United Kingdom, Apr, 2010

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Hard Worker (x6)
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Congress Member (x2)
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Super Soldier (x2)