Singapore Democratic Party

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Singapore Democratic Party

General Information
Country Flag-Singapore.jpg Singapore
Abbreviation SDP
National rank 1
Newspaper Singapore Democratic News
Founded September 2014 (est)
President aleena1
Members 4
Congress Occupancy 1/10 seats, 10%
Orientation Center-Left
Ideology Libertarian

Singapore Democratic Party is currently the largest political party in Singapore.


  • To establish democratic principles and institutionalize democratic practices
  • To build an economically stable and progressive nation based on the free market system where direct government participation in business is minimised
  • To foster a vibrant and dynamic society based on pluralism and diversity; to replace elitism with equal opportunity for all Singaporeans
  • To restore a system of checks and balances and to ensure the independence of the judiciary; to respect human, civil, and political rights of Singaporeans

Party presidents

The following table lists the party presidents.

Term started Term ended Citizen name Note
September 2014 September 2014 unknown
September 2014 15 October 2014 Chong Wai Fung Interim party president
15 October 2014 15 January 2017 Costobocus
15 January 2017 15 February 2017 xboxcarracerx
15 February 2017 15 July 2018 aleena1
15 July 2018 15 August 2018 Hux Mark
15 August 2018 Present aleena1