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This military unit played an important role in creating military history, however today it is no longer active

Singapore Military


General Information
Country Flag-Singapore.jpg Singapore

The Military of Singapore consisted of 2 branches:

More about those can be found on their respective pages.


As far back as can be noted, Singapore has had one form of a Military or another. Prior to reforms made by Relorian, the Military consisted of one large branch with 5 platoons. These platoons operated at various levels of success and the system was constantly changing platoon leaders.

During John_Jay's first presidency the military started its overhaul under a promising leader. Within 3 weeks, however, the would-be leader had become inactive and all progress was halted. At this time Relorian asked if he could take over the program and bring it to its conclusion. Permission was granted and at that point Relorian became the head of the Military in Singapore.

The change happened about three weeks into Relorian's being Head of the Military. All current members of the Singaporean military were asked if they would prefer to deploy and be extremely active or if they would prefer a stationary role.

Those wishing to deploy and to be active were forged into the first Platoon of Torchwood. Those who did not were taken and placed in the Homeguard.

Singapore Armed Forces org

As John Jay's presidency was winding down, there was an attitude of mistrust and deceit going around. The day of the election, when all other orgs were handed over to the incoming president ExoM7 the Singapore Armed Forces org went rogue. The org made several donations to Navy II and his various companies. The nations stockpile of weapons and moving tickets were transferred over and sold off by Navy II. The admins were asked to step in but due to a mis-wording in a contract, they would take no action.

After several months, the Org was given back to its original owner Arbryn and remains as a standby org for Singapore.

Singapore Defense Organization

During the theft of the Singapore Armed Forces Org, it became apparent to both ExoM7 and Relorian that Singapore still needed a State-Run weapons facility. The Singapore Defense Organization was created using funds provided by ExoM7.