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Sir Hypnotoad

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Nationality Flag-USA.png American
Date of birth 26 February 2009
Day 464
Date of death Spring 2016 (estimated)
Residence Sarawak, Malaysia
Illinois, USA
Sex Male
Congress member of Thrace
May 26, 2009 – June 25, 2009
Congress member of Peninsular Malaysia
August 26, 2009 – November 25, 2009
Minister of Immigration of Malaysia
September 6, 2009 – November 5, 2009
Preceded by Albert Neurath
Succeeded by Jeff Shiiste
Minister of Malaysia
November 6, 2009 – December 5, 2009
Minister of Foreign Affairs of Malaysia
February 6, 2010 – May 6, 2010
Preceded by nevvven
Succeeded by nevvven
Congress member of Sarawak
March 26, 2010 – April 25, 2010
President of Malaysia
October 6, 2010 – December 6, 2010
Preceded by borissajkas
Succeeded by Prle
Military rank Icon rank National Force***.png National Force***
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman
 Nobody overpowers nicholas except Zammuel and Dio . 
(Cookies Crisp, telling the truth.[1])
 Worse still, the "people" (swine, to be exact) you're acknowledging are far greater faggots than the likes of nicholas2000 and the like. 
(AgentChieftain's, thoughts on nicholas2000[2])
 There is no such thing as a perfect society. Any society that believes itself to be perfect is only to arrogant to realize their own flaws. 
(nicholas2000 disproving Communism[3])

nicholas2000 was a prominent Malaysian politician, businessman, and journalist. Later he changed his name to Sir Hypnotoad.

Icon achievement Hard Worker on.gif Employment

The Worker

nicholas2000 worked nearly his entire life in the land industry, reaching 11+ in land skill. He did, however, acquire about 3 manufacturing skill, while living in Thailand; as there were no well-paying land jobs, due to Thailand's lack of high raw materials.

Owner of Alberta Industries organization.

The Boss

On day 490, nicholas2000 founded Hypnotoad Bank. During time, Hypnotoad Bank has grown to include Hypnotoad Corporation, Hypnotoad Corp. China, and Malaysian United Industries.

Icon achievement Country President on.gif Politics

The Congress

nicholas2000 was first elected to Congress May 25, 2009. this was in Thrace, Greece. He would be elected to another term, but that would not last long; due to a baby-boom of real-life Greek players, and nicholas2000 not being able to understand Greek.

He eventually wound up in Malaysia, where he would be elected another 4 times to Congress, serving from both Sarawak and Peninsular Malaysia. He was a member of Parti Kemajuan eMalaysia.

The Executive Office

Minister of Immigration

nicholas2000 was first given a taste of life working for the President, when then-President badlands17 selected him to be the Minister of Immigration. He worked his hardest at his job, reforming the questioning process (later to be finished by spykerman). He served under both of badlands17's Administrations.

Minister in Prime Minister Department

The next Administration that took office after the badlands17 Administration was the SetsunaX Administration. nicholas2000 served President SetsunaX as his Minister in Prime Minister Department, which was the President's right-hand man.

Minister of Foreign Affairs

Two Administrations later, the newly elected President nevvven selected nicholas2000 to be his Minister of Foreign Affairs. In that position, he excelled at keeping contact with other nations lively, and keeping relations cordial. He acted to increase the size of the Sol WarGames, and maintained contact with friendly nations. He was so skilled at this job that the was selected to be Minister of Foreign Affairs by the next two Presidents, Nagyzee and Carr De Vaux. He has served, to date, three terms as the Minister of Foreign Affairs for Malaysia, and reflects fondly on this position as his favorite.

The Presidency

On October 5th, 2010, nicholas2000 was elected the President of Malaysia. This would serve as his greatest political achievement. During his administration, the regions of Sabah, Sarawak, and Peninsular Malaysia (the entire country) were returned to Malaysia.

Alliance Politics

The Security Council

When nicholas2000 was first selected as Minister of Foreign Affairs by President nevvven, he received his first appointment to the Sol Alliance, as an Advisory-Representative for Malaysia. In future dates, he would act as the Representative of Malaysia on the Sol Security Council.

The Chairman

On April 10, 2010, nicholas2000 was elected the Chairman of Sol. This was due to a change in election laws, which changed the election date from the 5th of every month to the 28th of every month. He worked hard to rebuild the alliance, and won his campaign for re-election; being re-elected to the position of Chairman on April 28, 2010.

Icon achievement Media Mogul on.gif Media

As soon as he could, nicholas2000 founded his newspaper, Hypnotoad News. He has taken it with him to every country he has lived in, and is always active in the media.

Icon achievement Super Soldier on.gif Military

Independent Soldier

For most of his life, nicholas2000 has been an independent soldier, funding his own fighting; not a part of any national army/militia.


nicholas2000 was briefly involved in the TDM (Malaysia's National Army). He sought to reform it, but eventually gave control to others, due to lack of time; with Ministry of Foreign Affairs duties and Sol duties adding up.


nicholas2000 was a member of the Canadian Rangers. He was the Sergeant of the Second Infantry Platoon, First Division.


nicholas2000 was promoted to the rank of Icon Field Marshal.jpg V1 Field Marshal on May 10, 2010 (day 902). Sadly, the Wigs changes the military system, so nicholas2000 was demoted to Icon rank Lt Colonel.png Lt Colonel.