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Dead citizen.png
Dead citizen

Nationality Flag-Croatia.jpg Croatian
National rank 400
Date of birth 30 May 2009 - Day 557
Residence Southeast of Mexico, Croatia
Sex Male
Newspaper Nocna smjena
President of Bosnia and Herzegovina
February 06, 2010 – March 05, 2010
Preceded by toroman
Succeeded by toroman

Sirbeg is a former President of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the Supreme Commander of EDEN.


Sirbeg is the owner of 26 buildings, 6 farms, a Q4 food factory and a Q1 food factory, two factories for weapons raw materials, and a single Q5 weapons factory.


His current rank is National Force *, with over 6,000,000 damage done, and a strength of over 7,000. Sirbeg is a member of the 3rd Regiment of Elite Squad Tuljani. He's also achieved 6 Battle Hero medals and 1 Campaign Hero medal, along with his 28 Super Soldier medals.


Though he is not a member of any political party or organization at the moment, Sirbeg has one term as a CP and 3 terms in Congress to show off with. He is also the current EDEN Supreme Commander.

His one term as President was in Bosnia and Herzegovina during February 2010.


Sirbeg runs his own newspaper with minor tidbits, but little to no official information from EDEN. The newspaper is Nocna smjena.