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This page has been saved as historical information.

Organization accounts as private accounts owned by Citizens doesn't exist any more, but the article was left to see how did organizations look like.

Slavic Brotherhood
Logo of Slavic Brotherhood
Owners Ghostbiker, Daemon Stormrage, Grof Tocaky, Congizant
Country Flag-eRepublik.jpg eRepublik
Headquarters Slavia
Founded 30 March 2010
Founders Ghostbiker, Daemon Stormrage, Grof Tocaky, Congizant
Industry Politics
Products Newspapers
Colours Blue, White, Red
Song Hej, Slaveni!

Coalition Slavic Brotherhood was the public political movement aimed to unify the Slavic parties, people-Panslavist and their support people, so that in the future to create a new alliance - Slavic Union, or so-called Slavia. Union organizations Panslavist occurred on 30 May 2010.


The coalition includes the two organizations -

  • 1. "Slavic Union" (Slavic Union ), whose main objective - the formation of an active team Panslavist and their associations, was established in Slovakia players Ghostbiker and Grof Tocaky. Date of the organization and forum - April 21, 2010.
  • 2. International Union of Slavic eWorld "(International Slavic Union ), representing a union of parties, created the Ukrainian player Congizant of Ukrainian Party" Slavic Brotherhood of Ukraine "and Russian players Daemon Stormrage from" Neomonarhicheskoy Party of Russia. " Date of creation - 30 March 2010.

Symbols and attributes

Coat of arms ISU
Coat of arms SU

The most common Text is the flag of the country that owns the player taken in the range of sky-blue, which are located the flag of the Slavic states. Avatars can be found here: Part 1 и Part 2.

Greeting from members of the organization is to cry "Slava!". The cause of this word as a greeting is not known, but most likely - as these words were written on the original coat of arms of MCC, which has become part of the emblem of the Coalition as well as the emblem of SU.

Parties part of the coalition


Party laws

  • - Prevent wars between the Slavic countries
  • - Prevent ethnic war in the Slavic Countries
  • - The highest goal - the union of all Slavic countries in the political, economic, military and cultural alliance
  • - The Alliance should be to create a single economic space. To do this within the participating countries Slavic Alliance will put 0% tax on imports. Establishment of priorities for export to the countries of the Slavic Alliance.
  • - In the event of war, the parties, consisting in the alliance, should help the countries of the other parties of our alliance. Party members are barred from participating in the war against the Slavic countries.
  • - We must create an army for all Slavs, now we already have a Slavic Union Armed Forces.
  • - Slavic countries must be in peace. The Alliance of the Slavic states should be entered into a comprehensive non-aggression pact, and on mutual protection.
  • - We will not infringe the non-Slavic countries, with them we are also ready for meaningful dialogue
  • - Important goals - fun and friendship of people from our parties and countries
  • - In the Union can enter any Panslavist party any eCountry
  • - The most advanced party alliance should help their colleagues
  • - Chairman of the Union is elected for a term of one month
  • - The official representative, of the party-member of Union, selected by the head of the party

General Laws

1. Membership

  • - Membership in Slavic Union is optional and a member may at any time leave the organization.
  • - Every citizen of one of following countries (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Poland, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, and Ukraine), or RL citizen of any Slavic country is allowed to become a member of Slavic Union.
  • - Membership may be permanently suspended only in case, if it is proved, that member intentionally damages Slavic Union.
  • - To become a member send a friend request to Slavic Union secretariat.
  • 2. Administration
  • - Only official organization of Slavic Union in eRepublik is "SLAVIC UNION secretariat"

3. Basic hierarchy 3.1. Fundators

  • - highest functions of Slavic Union are General Secretary and Head of Propaganda.
  • - Under General Secretary are delegates and administrative, financial, and military advisors.
  • - Under Head of Propaganda are propagators, politician advisor and media advisor.

3.2. Delegates

  • - Each Slavic country has exactly one delegate.
  • - All delegates and all countries are equal.
  • - Delegates are chosen and elected once a month by members from their country.
  • - candidate for delegate post must be a member of government or congressman
  • - role of delegates is to propose and vote for resolutions of Slavic Union and once a month elect advisors. Each proposal must be supported at least by one additional delegate.
  • - Delegate may be suspended only in case, if it is proved, that he intentionally damage Slavic Union. At least two thirds of delegates must agree.

3.3. Advisors

  • - In Slavic Union are administrative, financial, politician and media advisors.
  • - Advisors are chosen and elected by delegates for one month.
  • - Role of the administrative advisor is to administer a complete list of members of Slavic Union
  • - Role of the financial advisor is to organize financial collections and planning of its use.
  • - Role of the political advisor is to monitor the political situation in the world and report on it
  • - Role of the media adviser is to monitor the world opinion about the Slavic Union and report on it.

3.4. Propagators

  • - Each Slavic country has exactly one official propagator.
  • - Propagators are chosen by the Head of Propaganda for an indefinite period of time.
  • - The role of propagators is to write articles to support Slavic Union in his country, and to issue translations of official articles of SLAVIC UNION secretariat.
  • - Every propagator is obligated to change the name of his newspaper to SLAVIC UNION [name of the country he represents]
  • - Propagator may be suspended if he fails to fulfil his obligations. At least two thirds of delegates and the Head of Propaganda must agree.
  • - Every member of Slavic Union can be also the unofficial propagator in any country of eWorld.

4. Communication

  • - Official communication language of the Slavic Union is English, because of its neutrality and prevalence.
  • - The main mode of communication is an official forum of Slavic Union.

5. Proposing and Voting

  • - Only the General Secretary and delegates may propose the vote
  • - Any proposal submitted by the delegate must be supported by at least one another delegate.
  • - Proposing and voting takes place on the official forum of Slavic Union, in a special section.
  • - Proposals for the use of funding must be approved by the General Secretary.
  • - General secretary shall vote only in case the number of votes is balanced and all delegates have voted

6. Financing and use of funding

  • - Financing of Slavic Union is based on the voluntary donations of its members.
  • - Funds can be used to help any Slavic state via donation, but only with acceptance of the General Secretary and the majority of delegates.
  • - Funds can be used for advertising of Slavic union without acceptance of the majority of delegates.