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This page has been saved as historical information.

Organization accounts as private accounts owned by Citizens doesn't exist any more, but the article was left to see how did organizations look like.

Slavic Union
Logo of Slavic Union
Country Flag-eRepublik.jpg eRepublik
Founded March 21st, 2010
Founders Ghostbiker, Grof Tocaky
Colours Blue, white and red

 We peoples of Slavic nations determined: to save succeeding generations from absurd fratricide wars, which unnecessarily sowed hatred among us and often obstructed economic development of our countries, to create a force able to resist attack of strong enemy, and to ensure right to self-determination for large and also small Slavic nations. We peoples of Slavic nations decided: to create a powerful and coherent organization, which will be able to defend our interests – SLAVIC UNION. 
Slavic Union Preamble since creation of the organization and community.


The idea of creation has been introduced by Ghostbiker and Grof Tocaky in March 2010. Both of the co-founders tried to give life to a great Slavic project which would unite all of the Slavic nations in eRepublik. After introducing the charter of the SLAVIC UNION the community grew and showed its activity on the forum, in the newspapers, in political parties and on the battlefields.

Slavic Union has been reactivated (V2) in late July 2011 when Leinades, new perspective SU member and propagator, began to promote the idea of Slavic brotherhood & SUAF together with Ghostbiker and another (mostly Polish) members of the Union.

Slavic nations

The idea was to unite 13 member states, but the results were never supported... This were 13 targeted member states:

Political Situation & Debates

Slavic Union has never managed to prevail the existing alliances and create a new Slavic one. Therefore Slavic Union was always a social union including citizens with Slavic feelings, who participated in political and media life of eRepublik, promoting the community, helping each other in various projects and creating political parties. On October 12th, when the poll about adding the Kosovo region in eRepublik was opened, the official statement made by SU CoFounder Ghostbiker was described in this article. Kosovo should be a part of Serbia.

Slavic Union Armed Forces

The military base of Slavic Union has its roots in the creation of Slavic Union Armed Forces by Grof Tocaky on August 11th 2010. The idea has been developped later by Ghostbiker, after introduction of Military Units in eRepublik. Wikipage of Slavic Union Armed Forces Military Unit.