Slovenian Division

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Slovenian Division

Slovenian Division.jpg

Persistence, loyalty and strong community!

General Information
Country Flag-Slovenia.jpg Slovenia
Region Prekmurje
Access policy Invite only
Total Soldiers 193
Commanded by Colonel Bruce
2nd Commander Zlehty
1st Regiment Captain The Odyssey

Slovenian Division was formed Day 1,341 of the New World by Colonel Bruce from Slovenia. It was formed with intentions to make global records, and so it did. Its an invite only elite military unit, forged by persistence, loyalty and strong community. It hosts a unique breed of warriors dedicated to fight for Slovenia's interests and offer support to its brothers in arms.

Rise to fame

Slovenian Division rose to fame very quickly because of the military unit tournaments that were held at that time. Global tournaments like these were a great challenge for the newly formed military unit and its leader, Colonel Bruce. But he invested time and energy and along with the help from his friends he managed to recruit and gather the most powerful fighters from Slovenia and their friendly nations. They won every national tournament and were a great force not to be reckoned with. They also placed high in the global tournaments which were held frequently back in the days.



The recruitment process in the Slovenian Division is simple. In order to get an invite link, you need to send an IGM to Colonel Bruce, explaining you would like to join one of the regiments of the Slovenian Division. An additional briefing will follow after joining the regiment, where every member will be explained the rules which need to be followed in order to stay there and will be offered help with any question or problem he has.

Players from any country, which is a member of Asteria are welcome to join, as long as they fulfil these requirements:
They are active daily on eRepublik, they have at least 50 SS (Supersoldier medal) / 12500 Strength, they agree to obey and fight for direct orders of Asteria HQ, they agree to wear the Slovenian Division MU logo and they agree to work for an SD employer.