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Small Business Association
Government of United Kingdom
United Kingdom

General Information
Country United KingdomUnited Kingdom
Abbreviation SBA
Part of UK Department for Work

The Small Business Association (abbr. SBA) is a Government Sponsored Association under the purview of the UK Department for Work.


Purpose: To aid companies during struggling times of economic recess in the UK, through the use of no-interest GBP loans to ensure employment can be retained for UK citizens.

Procedure: Run as an intermediary between the Department of Work and GMs on the whole, the Director of the SBA (appointed by the President with no cabinet duties) would oversee the management of this program. It would:

1. Require GM to sign a contract for each loan. This contract would include the following:

a. Price Floors for each industry
b. Quantity limits, not to be broken, selling in small quantities to allow all companies to get a small slice
c. Extensions on loans: Should the recess last for longer than expected, the SBA can extend the loan as they see fit, so long as the MoW and President agree to it
d. Once the loan is repaid, the GM is then free and clear to do with their companies as they see fit. If they default, then their company becomes the property of the UK Government (collateral) until the GBP loan is paid and the company is returned to its original owner. If a loan is defaulted on, the recipient is no longer eligible for a loan in the future.

2. Give GM some relief on salary, to continue employment for each person they employ. A GM that receives a loan from the SBA is required to carry only the maximum number of employees. If it does not carry the max number, it's required to offer employment up to the maximum productivity number.

3. Relieve pressure on Government Ministries for running these companies, as well as cost. Running Government owned companies would cost around a minimum of Flag-United Kingdom.jpg 13,500 GBP per week just to maintain salaries, and that's without setting products for sale. This would allow small amounts of sales to be made by the company as non_Government products (keeping us free market advocates happy) while maintaining that each GM that is in this program maintains certain standards (keeping the left happy).

4. A request for funds is to be made for the SBA in conjunction with the MoW, SBA Director, and Country President and is to be carried out by the BoE.


Originally the brainchild of Dishmcds and Dnouser, the SBA was penned to try and help small businesses in the UK during the economic crisis during the stoppage of the war module. As it was seen in the making, the economic views of most changed during the recession simply because of product necessity, the simple supply vs demand model became broken. Without the necessity of products, most smaller companies came to a grinding halt, with overproduction and a lack of sales.

Its first Director, appointed by Dishmcds along with the Minister of Work, Keitarour, was Deathtoll32, who both started the Organization and advertised for it.


The Minister of Work, Keitarour was responsible to oversee the effectiveness of the SBA.

The last known Director was Deathtoll32 with Dnouser in an advisory capacity who ran the SBA in Deathtoll's absence.

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