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Nationality Flag-United Kingdom.jpg British
Date of birth Nov 20, 2007
Date of death unknown
Residence London, UK
1st President of The United Kingdom
December, 07 – January, 08
Succeeded by Kaleb
Military rank Icon rank Recruit.png Recruit
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

First Citizens

Not much is known about Snow_Gibbon. Other than he was one of the first citizens of the United Kingdom. Joining eRepublik the first day it was launched. Snow_Gibbon owned a Housing Company called ThingsNstuff and was Party President of the Erepublik Party Party. His Election Platform read as:

"The eRepublik Party Party put the economy at the heart of their election platform. To day the eRepublik Party Party put out a press release detailing their strategy for the elections, putting the economy and immigration at the core of their plans.

"The eRepublik Party Party will stand on a platform of economic growth for the UK. In order to compete with our European neighbours we must have a strong economy, and to achieve that we need to support our local industry. A taxation system will be implemented to allow UK companies a fair trading platform against the mass market exporting nations. We welcome foreign companies to our shores, but not to snuff out our home grown industry with their mass market prices.

A solid home grown economy is key to establishing our place in the world. We need to set the foundations for the nation to make it a place that people aspire to living. A strong labour force will be key to supporting the economy, and as such we will be supporting increased immigration.

I urge all your readers to vote 'eRepublik Party Party' for not only a good time, but for economic growth for the UK." Article from eRepublik.

The Elections turned into a one horse race though as his main opponent NiAlma the leader of The Conservative Party was banned for writing a offensive article. Article from eRepublik.

President Hibernates

Snow_Gibbon proved to be a somewhat inactive President. Though he did sanction the creation of the Bank of England and Ministry of Defence created by Kaleb. Snow_Gibbon did nothing to really apart from raise the citizens fee to 100 GBP, Raise import taxes from 16% to 20%.

This inactivity lead to the formation of UK Action and UK Reform in the build up to the January Elections. The New Year would see a new era. An era for the UK Reform party and Kaleb. While the story of Snow_Gibbon fades away he will always be the first United Kingdom citizen to of been President even if it was by default.

Government offices
New office
United Kingdom begins - 1st Prime Minister
Prime Minister of the United Kingdom
2nd December 2007 - 1st January, 2008 (1st Term)
Succeeded by