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Socijaldemokratski forum

Party-Socijaldemokratski forum.jpg
General Information
Country Flag-Serbia.jpg Serbia
Forum SDF
Colors red (and white)
Founded 15 July 2009
Dissolved June 2011
Congress Occupancy N/A
Succeeds Socijal-demokratska Partija
Succeeded By Zajedno
Orientation Center-Left
Ideology Libertarian
Party-Socijaldemokratski forum.png


Socijaldemokratski forum (SDF) was the third political party in Flag-Serbia.jpg Serbia formed initially as Socijal-demokratska partija (SDP) by the group of Spanish players who wanted to take over Serbian Congress in June 2009. After their unsuccessful attempt (the party got just 23 votes), two groups from Serbia started with their campaigns to win the party July elections and take the control of the so-called SDP.

The candidate of the first fraction was Dusan Sorgic who together with dr.doom, mikica v, Predrag, Milan Vuckovic, Balegar and some other players, were united behind the idea of Socijaldemokratski forum (SDF). The candidate of the second fraction was Andreja Djuric, who together with desert hamster and Hostilian presented the idea of Stranka Zdravog Razuma (SZR).

These fractions had opposite campaigns – while SDF group was insisting on more serious and program based approach, SZR adopted humorous and teasing campaign. After the party elections, Dusan Sorgic was elected as the president and finally renamed the party to Socijaldemokratski forum. The newly reformed party participated for the very first time at July 2009 Congress elections winning 9 seats and becoming the second party in the Serbian Congress. In August 2009 elections, SDF took 8 congressional seats.

In early September 2009, SDF was merged with the Liberals (Liberalna partija eSrbije). The united party kept its name (Socijaldemokratski forum) and redesigned its logo within its widely recognized branding.

In June 2011. SDF merged with once strongest and largest political Party in Serbia - Sacuvajmo eSrbiju, and formed a movement called Zajedno.

Political activity

Socijaldemokratski forum was a Centre-Left party on the Serbian political scene. In their statement, SDF says that they are not the just the party but forum too; forum where everyone is free to give his or her contribution to a better and fairer community.

They insisted that politics should be transparent, objecting somewhat lack of official information from the current government. SDF was a constitutional party and supported the national consensus about the act that would give more authority to the Congress.

In their foreign policy, they were pro ONE also thinking about the wider co-ordination with the neighboring countries. SDF also supported the political organizations of the Serbian players in some foreign countries.

Their economy program was based on high taxes for the resources that were already present in Serbia while they support lowering taxes for other raw materials. SDF wanted the country administration’s to be more involved in the economy by founding Chamber of Commerce that would help out new businesses and providing start-up loans.

They also believed that the income tax should be raised over the time in order to finance country conquests, and support changes in the refund system.

SDF also contacted all the liberal parties around the world and tried to link them into a single liberal political community.

Intra-party activity

SDF regularly organized various activities for its members, like:

  • Competition in writing articles,
  • playing haxball
  • collective fights once a week which divided the weapons and bread to all players - both members of the party, and those who are not.

In addition to fights and various competitions, SDF regularly interviewed the most active and interesting members of the party and the community.

Party Presidents

President Name Began Term Ended Term
Dusan Sorgic 15th July 2009 15th August 2009
Predrag 15th August 2009 15th September 2009
dr.doom 15th September 2009 15th November 2009
mikica v 15th November 2009 15th December 2009
Natasha Pijovic 15th December 2009 15th January 2010
dr.doom 15th January 2010 15th March 2010
Trajkovic Miljan 15th February 2010 15th April 2010
Lala Banatski 15th March 2010 15th May 2010
Nessko 15th May 2010 15th June 2010
Nemanja Veselinovic 15th June 2010 15th July 2010
Sever4ever 15th July 2010 15th August 2010
mikica v 15th August 2010 15th September 2010
Phanes 15th September 2010 15th October 2010
demokrata 15th October 2010 15th November 2010
Miljicaa 15th November 2010 15th December 2010
Nemanja l ser 15th December 2010 15th January 2011
EternalFlameOfFreedom 15th January 2011 15th February 2011
marko1996 15th Februry 2011 15th March 2011
Miljicaa 15th March 2011 15th April 2011
Crank DJ 15th April 2011 15th June 2011

SDF in Serbian Congress

  • June 2011 - 0/41 seats
  • May 2011 - 4/44 seats
  • April 2011 - 0/40 seats
  • March 2011 - 1/40 seats
  • February 2011 - 3/40 seats
  • January 2011 - 0/37 seats
  • December 2010 - 6/38 seats
  • November 2010 - 4/36 seats
  • October 2010 - 0/40 seats
  • September 2010 - 8/40 seats
  • August 2010 - 7/40 seats
  • July 2010 - 10/40 seats
  • June 2010 - 8/43 seats
  • May 2010 - 6/37 seats
  • April 2010 - 8/37 seats
  • March 2010 - 8/46 seats
  • February 2010 - 6/40 seats
  • January 2010 - 7/37 seats
  • December 2009 - 8/40 seats
  • November 2009 - 12/40 seats
  • October 2009 - 11/40 seats
  • September 2009 - 10/40 seats
  • August 2009 - 8/40 seats
  • July 2009 - 9/40 seats

SDF on Presidential elections

Elected Presidents of Serbia: