South African Independence League

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The South African Independence League or SAIL was a political coalition established September of 2008, to protect and defend South Africa's sovereign government from outside invasion politically as a united voting front. It was also used as the main governmental body for the Independent South African Republic during its existence and remains the official South African government in exile. South African Independence League is a member of Armed International Resistance Forces.


Croatian Occupation

Following the Croatian takeover of the government, independence was called upon by Esteban Delgado of the Black Lion Front (BLF) with the publishing of a document called the Proclamation Of South African Sovereignty. Thus, the Independent South African Republic was founded as a break-away of four of the five regions in South African, controlled by BLF party members (two of which joined following the first two region's secession). Mmabatho, Polokwane, Pretoria, and Bloemfontein were governed by SAIL, or South African natives living in these states.

On November 16th, Ryan Dagari left BLF and created his own party, the Democratic Anarcho-Socialism (DAS). Upon creation he immediately applied for SAIL, was accepted, and provided the group with long term economic plans.

The movement semi-achieved its goal to retake the country from Croatia on December 5th, when Compmage from Free Africa ran for president. SAIL had already chosen candidate Deus Ex from BLF, but Compmage, the president, publicly announced SAIL had reached the end of its needed days. There was a heated debate about whether or not SAIL should continue to operate and watch over growing concerns, but the BLF-DAS side (term used loosely, some BLF members wished for SAIL to close as well) eventually gave way and agreed to have SAIL shutdown. Compmage won a close victory over Deus. As of now, SAIL has seemed to reach its days and appears to have closed until it will once again be needed to defend South Africa's liberty and freedom.

Indonesian and Brazilian Occupation

The second time South Africa was politically taken over, it had been completely conquered and split between Indonesia and Brazil. A Brazilian takeover back heavily by Indonesia occurred during the May 2009 congressional elections, which lead to the impeachment of Gabriel Borien and the quick end of the ongoing Indonesia-South Africa War. This was the first time in the history of the New World that South Africa was completely removed from the map.

Without a nation or government to lead an entire South African people, the South African Independence League was once again given the reigns. It succeeded once again and under the leadership of Ines Schumacher managed to regain Limpopo. From this alliance was born the current leading party in South Africa, United South Africa.