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South African Party

Party-South African Party.jpg
General Information
Country Flag-South Africa.jpg South Africa
Abbreviation SAP
Forum Forum
Founded Mar 2009
Dissolved August 2009
Members 0
Congress Occupancy 0 seats, 0%
Succeeded By United South Africa
Orientation Center-Right
Ideology Libertarian

The South African Party was a political party in South Africa.


During February 2009, Piet Faassen became disillusioned with the power-politics and empty promises of the party to which he belonged at the time. Thus, in mid-March the South African Party was formed from the remains of a dormant party, with Piet Faassen as first Party President. In the few weeks of its existence the SAP have already attracted a sizable number of active and passionate members.

During the first congressional election in which the party was allowed to field candidates, it managed to get 6 of its candidates elected, or 15% of congress.

The party's newspaper was the SAP Gazette.

Summary of Beliefs

For those not inclined to read the full manifesto, the party's beliefs are briefly summarized below:

  • The SAP believes in the rights of individuals and the role of the state as the facilitator of these rights.
  • It is a fiercely patriotic party and believe that the interests of the Republic of South Africa and its people should always be its first priority. The liberation of ALL 9 regions from the unlawful occupiers and their reinstatement into South Africa is of the utmost importance to SAP and they strive to achieve this no matter what the cost.
  • They believe in the rule of law and and the upliftment and sanctity of the Constitution of the RSA, with the enshrinement of the principles of democracy. The 3 values FREEDOM, EQUALITY and HUMAN DIGNITY is the cornerstone of the party and they believe that is true of the eSA nation as well.


The South African Party Manifesto was prepared and discussed during the last week of March 2009, and unanimously accepted by the party members during the subsequent poll. The complete Manifesto can be found below.


The South African Party (SAP) is a party dedicated to the advancement of an independent and prosperous South Africa. Our party's policies are flexible, in order to handle any situation that presents itself to our country. We take an active part in the advancement of our country and its people, as we are committed to inspire involvement and giving everyone a voice to be heard on national issues.


In the area of Economics the SAP understands that there are good times and bad times, in which we adapt to match the situation. We support higher import taxes to protect domestic companies during peace times and times of overproduction. We firmly believe in the eSA companies exporting to bring foreign gold into our country. We also believe in a small income tax for every industry in order to gain revenue for our government to spend on its programs.
The SAP, will firmly and certainly voice their opinions of any and all tax policies congress may be considering or passing. We vow to offer discussion of any proposals which we feel may hurt the South African business owner, consumer, and/or government.


The SAP supports Our Military! We are neither Warmongers or Pacifists and will never back down from an enemy of South Africa. During times of peace we support the government stockpiling so as to prevent overproduction of items such as gifts, moving tickets and especially weapons.
During times of foreign conflict we, as South Africans, will not support any of the countries involved, unless the outcome will have a strategic influence on our own position in the New World. We support any and all eSA approved wars and will aid the war effort, especially our troops.
A strong and well-organized Military is necessary to deter the enemies of eSA. Due to eSA's current physical isolation, inventive measures need to be taken to provide our army and citizens with training opportunities. We support the recruitment of soldiers to join our organized military and the Executive use of the military for country related conflicts.
We believe that during times of war weapons and gifts (subject to budget constraints), should be distributed several hours before a battle giving Citizen-Soldiers sufficient notice of the upcoming battle.


The South African Party puts the people of South Africa before itself. The party is a tool that will be used to help the country’s politics and governmental system. The SAP accepts and welcomes differing political views to provide the optimal solutions for issues facing our country. Our aim is to provide as many active governmental leaders as possible, and even have an army of non-government workers to assist our government officials. We do not deny members the chance to grow politically. We believe that all the parties can work together in order to provide the most efficient government possible.


We will nominate the candidate through a tough and rigorous debate before allowing their candidacy. Voting on who we nominate will take place to decide on our candidate or the party we support, similar to a primary election. This decision will be made as a party and will be treated as a democratic decision.
Everyone can run for the office of party president. No restrictions apply to those who wish to run, except for in game experience points limitations. Debates will be held for all party members, who wish to run.
The SAP provides its best for congressional candidates and will organize our members in order to achieve maximum wins for congressional seats. Winning even one Congressional Seat will make US ALL STRONG. We are here for our country and not for ourselves.


In the SAP we encourage all members to get involved in leadership. We accommodate the wants and needs of those showing the responsibility and activity it takes to hold a leadership position. Positions that can be obtained are congressional seats and office in party departments. We offer many opportunities by giving room for many different types of leadership positions within the party.
When applying for a party leadership position level and experience points do not matter. As stated above, they only matter when vying for Congress, Party President & President.


We at the SAP do not and will not deny membership to any citizen from any region. We encourage all members to be active within the Party and to make comments on any Articles and the Party and Country Forum. The only way to be heard is to express yourself and we encourage this. Be Vocal to be Active! We give equal opportunity to get involved in government for maximum benefit of the country. We accept all political views of other members and encourage their differences to provide the best solutions. We at SAP are here to help, with information, graphs, links and more. We share our knowledge and do not keep it for ourselves.


Members of the SAP believe in the education of All Citizens of South Africa both in and outside the party. We support any and all attempts of the government to create departments to further this goal.

Closing Statements

The SAP is made from the Citizens, for the Citizens, by the Citizens to help them grow economically, politically and militarily. This party is a work in progress like any party or government and we are flexible with Current Events.

Party Presidents

Month Leader
March 2009 Piet Faassen
April 2009 Zagarius
May 2009 Whiteheart

Elected Congress

Votes Received Party Member
12 Nicholas Gray
6 Pierric Bross
5 CharldeGrote
3 iranianking+

+: Not a supported candidate
WC: Elected as a Wildcard