South African Training Division

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Training Division

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General Information
Country Flag-South Africa.jpg South Africa
Part of South African Armed Forces

The Training Division was the most junior ranking branch of the South African Armed Forces where soldiers were taught the basics of fighting, military structure, war mechanics and introduced to the social aspects of eRepublik.

The Training Division was shut down after the launch of eRepublik Rising.

The Republic of South Africa
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South African Training Division Uniform.png

Military Ranks

Abbreviation Pvt. Lt. Cap. Maj. Col.
Rank Insignia - South African Armed Forces - Private.png Insignia - South African Armed Forces - Lieutenant.png Insignia - South African Armed Forces - Captain.png Insignia - South African Armed Forces - Major.png Insignia - South African Armed Forces - Colonel.png
Private Lieutenant Captain Major Colonel
Position Platoon Soldier Platoon Commanding Officer Company Commanding Officer Executive Officer of Training Division Commanding Officer of Training Division

Former Commanding Officers

Notable Alumni

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