South America

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South America
Map of South America
Countries 9

South America is a continent in eRepublik in the South West of the New World. It is defined as the area stretching from Colombia and Venezuela in the North, to the Southernly tip of Argentina.

Countries in South America

According to the eRepublik API [1], the following countries are all in the eSouth American continent:

Alliances in South America

Below are nations in South America with their alliances.

Country Logo Alliance
Icon-Argentina.png Argentina Flag-Asteria.png Asteria
Icon-Bolivia.png Bolivia - -
Icon-Brazil.png Brazil Flag-Asteria.png Asteria
Icon-Chile.png Chile - -
Icon-Colombia.png Colombia Flag-Orion.jpg Orion
Icon-Paraguay.png Paraguay - -
Icon-Peru.png Peru Flag-Orion.jpg Orion
Icon-Uruguay.png Uruguay - -
Icon-Venezuela.png Venezuela - -

El Dorado

South America notably played host to the El Dorado - The Lost City of Gold missions, where citizens had to travel to the continent and complete numerous tasks in return for various rewards.


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