South Carolina Ulku Ocaklari

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South Carolina Ulku Ocaklari

General Information
Country Flag-USA.png USA
Abbreviation iNCi
Colors Yellow
Founded 2011
Dissolved End of 2017 (est)
Congress Occupancy 0 /62 seats, 0%
Orientation Far-Left
Ideology Authoritarian

South Carolina Ulku Ocaklari, also known briefly as iNCi, is a multi-national group of expatriated citizens that have organized themselves into a quasi-standalone military, industrial, and political entity, which resided primarily within the USA.

It has also been a political party in both Turkey and Greece, and in February 2011 became a Top 5 political party within the USA, despite being in the country less than two months. On March 6, 2011, iNCi became the #1 party in the USA based on the total number of members with having over 400 members.

In actuality, iNCi is a global group with party divisions in a number of countries throughout the world. While these divisional groups operate with a certain degree of autonomy, they still have strong ties to each other on an international level.

South Carolina Ulku Ocaklari ceased to exist as a party in the USA sometime in the second half of 2017.

History and goals

The group's origins are found in the 2010/2011 Turkish political-military civil unrest that resulted from the then ongoing Greece-Turkey war. During the conflict a nationwide boycott paralyzed Turkey, allowing Greece to invade without significant resistance, essentially all but wiping the country from the map. In the resulting chaos, iNCi galvanized itself as a diaspora group unhappy with the political situation in Turkey. They then sought refuge in foreign nations such as the UK and Australia. Unable to come to acceptable terms with either of those countries, iNCi eventually was able to come to an agreement with the USA, wherein many applied for and received citizenship in the USA and Mexico, which itself had just previously been conquered by the USA.

On February 15, 2011, iNCi stated they had reached an agreement with the USA Federal Elections Committee and would work to establish a list of candidates for Congressional elections in the United States. This has caused concern from some US citizens who feel it an attempted PTO against the United States.

According to former US President Harrison Richardson, iNCi is already a US Top 5 political party and their numbers rival that of the largest US militia.

According to iNCi Presidency, their goal is not to remain in the USA for long and eventually to return to Turkey to oust the current government which the group feels is a traitor. In an official proclamation in February 2011, the iNCi Presidency stated:

iNCi certainly rejects the latest agreement between Turkey & Greece, our Politic & Military base decided to inform people about our forthcoming movements. The decisions are directly mentioned iNCi and it's members to take quick and serious decisions. The decisions are aligned at the below

1) The Turkish congressmen must propose an Impeachment law for the current traitor & president AliPoyraz immediately.

2) The Turkish Army has to open an official article that the agreement is completely null & avoid.

3) iNCi will not watch the headways from now on, we are going to support the RSP party in Turkey at the next congress & presidential elections.

4) If the conditions at the above can't be performed and also Greece continues to exploit Turkey, we will have to go there to correct the things with 50.000 people within a month.

5) From now on, iNCi doesn't recognize the current President of Turkey and his cabinet, by the way; they are being treated as traitors from our viewpoint.

6) iNCi recognizes Turkey as a country which has the rights of her 7 original regions & +1 Northern Cyprus Turkish Republic region, also these regions can never be rented or donated to anyone.

7) iNCi has the rights of P.T.O. on Turkey in any time from now on.

February 2011 USA Congressional elections


In the February 2011 Congressional elections, iNCi secured 14 Congressional seats making it, at the time, the second highest holder of congressional power in the USA. They won more than half that of the United States Workers Party, who won 21 seats, and over twice as much as the third place Libertarian Party and United Independents Party, who only secured 6 seats each.

Following the election, there was a noticeable outcry by USA citizenship, which had long been considered a nation primarily made up of people who, in real life, actually live in the USA. According to FEC representatives, iNCi was to take no more than 10 seats in the Congressional election and the outcome suggested that iNCi had not lived up to the terms of the agreement. At one point the party had been winning in 37 state elections.

iNCi leadership initially maintained that they are not attempting a PTO, but rather simply seeking appropriate representation within the USA electorate. The additional 4 seats still remained a point of contention between the FEC and iNCi. The problem was compounded by reports of "vote buying" by iNCi representatives in the hours leading up to the election, including offering voters gold and advanced tanks in exchange for their votes.[1]

On February 26, one day after the election, Vice President GoalieBCSC released a statement concerning the events of the previous election night. GoalieBCSC was acting in the capacity of de facto President after President Julian Mizu had been forced to vacate his position due to real life personal issues. In the statement, VP GoalieBCSC made it clear that he was informed in a conversation with an unnamed high-up member of iNCi that, "It didn't start as a PTO, but now [iNCi] are trying for it". GoalieBCSC went on to add that he had received confirmed rumors about revenge against American Moderators who somehow temp banned someone important to iNCi from #ATO during the election. After speaking with iNCi, the Vice President was told by iNCi Party President Gs10 that, "... this was done solely as a wake-up call".[2]

Of even greater concern for many US citizens has been the recent flood of granted US citizenship requests by iNCi without proper congressional approval, which many interpreted as yet another move toward a PTO of the United States in future elections.[3][4]

In response to these events, many within the US electorate and its citizenship have begun to mistrust, disbelieve, and outright oppose iNCi. The United States Defense Party (USDP) released a clear condemnation of the recent PTO by stating in an official release that, "the USDP is announcing that we will not support or allow any more political activity by iNCi. We will openly oppose this group and their anti-eUS efforts for as long as they remain here".[5]

iNCi Declaration of War against the USA

INCi (USA).jpg

iNCi USA Division Avatar commonly used my iNCi members in the USA.

On March 3, 2011 Party President of iNCi, Gs10 issued an ultimatum to the USA citizenship. In his statements, he demanded that Vincent Sarius, a member of the eUSA forums, be banned from the forum for making remarks that were "offensive" to iNCi. Sarius, who some have labelled a forum troll, referred to iNCi as, "Atajerk's being jerks", a trolled attempt to insult Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, a real life (RL) Turkish historical figure.[6]

Gs10's ultimatum reportedly went on to claim that if Sarius was not banned then iNCi would declare war on the USA. The ultimatum, posted through Gs10's newspaper was removed by admins for being too offensive in nature.[7]

This threat was acted upon by iNCi congress member captain33, when a Natural enemy vote was placed before Congress that attempted to make Brazil, then a new ally of the USA and a key member of PANAM, a strategic enemy. The proposal was defeated.[8]

In addition, iNCi representatives attempted to pilfer the USA treasury by proposing a transfer of congressional funds to Baykus Reyiz Holding, an iNCi controlled company. This vote was also voted down.[9]

Shortly thereafter, Citizenturk, also an iNCi congressional member, proposed Canada - another ally of the USA and a member of PANAM - as a Natural Enemy. He also proposed a disruption of the US economy by issuing Flag-USA.jpgUSD for Icon - Gold.gif 0.005 GOLD. Both proposals were heavily defeated by an overwhelming majority.[10][11]

The tensions between iNCi and USA citizens and representatives escalated with iNCi members continuing to threaten a PTO of the USA in the coming elections. Many political candidates who had previously attempted to heal the growing division between the iNCi and original USA citizens changed their stance in regard to the iNCi party and as a result joined the growing number of USA citizen who believe that iNCi has never been anything more than PTO group from the start, and that this latest flare-up was nothing more than iNCi using a forum troll as a weakly veiled reason for aggressively PTOing the United States.[12]

These actions have caused some division within iNCi itself, with many high-ranking iNCi party members including depici, an international party leader, denouncing the unilateral action of some iNCi congressional members.[13]

This was not the first time Turkish players have been bothered by free-speech in the game, most notably the The Ataturk Ultimatum addressed an issue very similar to this.


Following the actions were taken by members of the US iNCi party, and the turmoil it created, several high-ranking members of iNCi were removed from office. This included Party President Gs10, who was replaced by depici. Speaking on the events depici stated:[14]

In point of fact I am one of the members that think iNCi must not be a political power in the USA but what's done cannot be undone. Someone had to take over the party and I am that person.

From now, till the next party elections, we will have a democratization process. We are gonna build an administrative council of 10 people and all decisions are gonna gain validity by the majority of votes.

On March 13, 2011, iNCi official party liaison, mark444 stated that in the coming election iNCi would run for a maximum 5 congressional seats, and others will be FEC blockers. They will also maintain their own militia independent from the US armed forces. The 5 members would know how to communicate in English and be more friendly than previous office holders.[15]

US Congressional Response

On March 4, 2011, one day after the iNCi Declaration of War, the US Congress put forth a bill designed to curtail iNCi influence in the country's policies. Known as "Congressional Request for SoH to Freeze Public Funding to Inci's", the bill was designed to limit the amount of power iNCi had over congressional funds and was based upon protecting US financial interests from the perceived PTO attempt.[16]

Bill Title: Congressional Request for SoH to Freeze Public Funding to Inci's

Proposal: Congressional Request for SoH to Freeze Public Funding to Inci's Discussion: Discussion: Increase the OMS budget

Purpose: In accordance with USA Constitution Title 3; Section 2: Halting Congressional Funding; Congress hereby requests that our SoH Propose a Funding Freeze to any of the Inci Controlled, Representative of, Organizations or individual Inci Citizens.

Text of Bill: This bill shall Request to SoH to Propose an immediately Funding Freeze to prohibit the expenditure, allocation, and distribution of any Government money, gold or surplus supplies to any of the Inci Controlled, Representative of, Organizations or individual Inci Citizens. This includes, by it is not limited to the following programs; Arm America, Office of Militia Support, Meals on Wheels.

Furthermore, as members if Inci's have assimilated into daily USA life and have joined and are active in our military and established militias, which currently receive any government support, it shall be at the discretion of their Branch Leaders & Militia Commanding Officers, and their Superiors, to determine if an INCI member is active and if determined to be so, shall distribute normal military and militia provisions in accordance to their level of activity.

The bill passed unanimously on March 5, 2011, with a 21 - 0 vote.

March 2011 Elections


The iNCi baby-boom in February led to a noticeable increase in the USA population, which in turn would produce a notable influence upon the March US Presidential election. Though due to established immigration rules iNCi was restricted from running a direct candidate of their own, the group declared its official candidate was Glove, who ended up winning the race by a large margin.


As a result of the turmoil caused in the February election, iNCi limited its candidates in the March election as an attempt to ease relations with US citizen who believed the group had violated the terms which had permitted them citizenship in the USA. However, the group secured 5 seats, the same number that was agreed upon by the FEC, indicating that the party would hold to its agreements. The party won seats in New York, South Carolina, North Carolina, Nebraska, and Minnesota.

Normalization and Integration into USA Citizenship

Though the group's initial introduction into the USA was tumultuous, after some time the group's inclusion as part of the US citizenship became smoother after increased communication by both iNCi members and the native US population. Though there still may remain some misunderstandings between the two citizenship groups, for the most part, things stabilized after iNCi confirmed its desire to remain uninterested in US politics and accepted a regulatory representation model in all future Congressional elections and a firm abstention from seeking any role in Presidential elections.