South Korean Airstrike

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Icon-South Korea.png South Korea has launched first airstrike in its history on December 5th, 2013.

First South Korean Airstrike

First South Korean Airstrike
Map of First South Korean Airstrike
Date December 5, 2013
(Dec 6 UTC+8/9) –
December 6, 2013
(Dec 7 UTC+8/9)
Location Visayas, Flag-Philippines.jpg Philippines
Result Victory for Flag-Philippines.jpg Philippines
Territorial Changes Jeju Icon-South Korea.png and Kinki Icon-Japan.png were liberated and Icon-North Korea.png won Gyeonggi-do
Fights 1
Flag-South Korea.jpg South Korea
Flag-Japan.jpg Japan (indirect)
Flag-Germany.jpg Germany
Flag-Indonesia.jpg Indonesia
Flag-Republic of Macedonia (FYROM).jpg Macedonia
Flag-Philippines.jpg Philippines
Flag-Republic of China (Taiwan).jpg Taiwan
Flag-North Korea.jpg North Korea (indirect)
Flag-Malaysia.jpg Malaysia
Flag-Pakistan.jpg Pakistan

The First South Korean Airstrike was a short Icon-South Korea.png South Korean airstrike against Icon-Philippines.png Philippines on Visayas Icon-Philippines.png . Icon-Republic of China (Taiwan).png Taiwan was defending Icon-Philippines.png Philippines heavily. At the same time Icon-North Korea.png North Korea also attacked Gyeonggi-do Icon-South Korea.png and resistance wars were raised in Jeju Icon-South Korea.png and Kinki Icon-Japan.png .


Although Icon-South Korea.png South Korea recovered most of its regions, they felt that Icon-Taiwan.png Taiwan still posed risk to them. Therefore Icon-South Korea.png South Korea government decided to launched an airstrike against Icon-Philippines.png Philippines.[1]


The Airstrike

Date Attacker Region Defender Result
Dec 05, 2013
Day 2207
Flag-South Korea.jpg South Korea
Region-Visayas.png Visayas
Flag-Philippines.jpg Philippines
Icon secured.jpgFlag-Philippines.jpg


Side Battles

Date Attacker Region Defender Result
Dec 05, 2013
Day 2207
Resistance-forces.png Japanese Resistance
Region-Kinki.png Kinki
Flag-Republic of China (Taiwan).jpg Republic of China (Taiwan)
Dec 05, 2013
Day 2207
Flag-North Korea.jpg North Korea
Region-Gyeonggi-do.png Gyeonggi-do
Flag-South Korea.jpg South Korea
Icon conquered.jpgFlag-North Korea.jpg
Dec 06, 2013
Day 2208
Resistance-forces.png South Korean Resistance
Region-Jeju.png Jeju
Flag-Republic of China (Taiwan).jpg Republic of China (Taiwan)
Icon-RW.gifFlag-South Korea.jpg

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With Icon-Taiwan.png Taiwan defending Visayas Icon-Philippines.png heavily, Icon-Philippines.png Philippines defended successfully from the airstrike.
Because many Icon-Taiwan.png Taiwan tanks were mobilized to defend the airstrike, Jeju Icon-South Korea.png and Kinki Icon-Japan.png were liberated.
Icon-North Korea.png North Korea won Gyeonggi-do Icon-South Korea.png (eSouth Korea didnt fight this battle for some purpose.)