Spain-France War

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Spain-France War
Map of Spain-France War
Date 3 December 2009 –
6 February 2010
Location France
Result Spanish conquest of France
Territorial Changes France territories belonging to Poland, Spain, and the USA
Flag-Spain.jpg Spain
Flag-Indonesia.jpg Indonesia
Flag-France.png France
Flag-Austria.jpg Austria
Flag-China.jpg China
Flag-Malaysia.jpg Malaysia
Flag-Ukraine.jpg Ukraine
Flag-Brazil.jpg Brazil
Commanders and Leaders
Flag-Spain.jpg folker
Flag-Indonesia.jpg Wonder Forward
Flag-France.jpg Lyne Faynel
Flag-Austria.jpg Rangeley

Spain attacked Aquitaine, Languedoc Roussillon and Midi-Pyrenees on 3 December 2009. The 3 Regions were conquered after a brief tank-off, keeping the Spanish initiative intact. The Spanish moved on from where they left off and attacked Limousin, Poitou Charentes, and Auvergne on 4 December 2009, of which all 3 were once again conquered. A few hours before the latter battles ended, the Spanish attacked the French Rhone Alps region, the second Q5 Hospital in French possession (The first, Aquitaine, was conquered). Here too, the Spanish succeeded, leaving them within shooting distance of the French Capital. The Spanish Attacks stopped briefly after the conquest of the Rhone Alps, most likely because of the addition of a Russian MPP.

On December the 12th France launched a Counter-attack on Limousin, Auvergne, Languedoc Roussillon, and Poitou Charentes. However, the French failed to defeat the Spaniards.

Ths Spanish offensive kept pace and regions kept falling one after the other until Spain had its biggest victory till date with the fall of Paris (with his last Q5 Hospital) on December 31st. The Spain-France war is a war seen by many as revenge for the French conquest of Spain during World War III which almost annihilated the whole nation.

The last French region was left was taken by the USA, who region swapped the regions they conquered to Spain.