Spasimo eSrbiju

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Spasimo eSrbiju

Party-Sacuvajmo eSrbiju.png
General Information
Country Flag-Serbia.jpg Serbia
Abbreviation SeS
Website SeS website
Newspaper SeS Bilten
Organization Informativna Agencija SeS-a
Forum SeS forum
Colors red, blue, white
Founded March 16th 2009
Dissolved April 2009
Congress Occupancy 0 /40 seats, 0%
Succeeds Radikalna Stranka
Succeeded By Sacuvajmo eSrbiju
Orientation Center
Ideology Libertarian


Icon-Serbia.png Serbia as a country was introduced into eRepublik on February 11th of 2009, and on the same day party eSerbia was founded. On February 16th, Rd_Carl took office and changed the party name into Radikalna Stranka.

Spasimo eSrbiju begun its existence on March 16th of 2009, the day Dejan Z. Djordjevic won the party elections and changed the name into Spasimo eSrbiju. The party kept its name and goals 'till the end of its existence. The party had over 60 members during its short existence.

Party Presidents

President Name Began Term Ended Term
Dejan Z. Djordjevic 16th March 2009 April 2009

SeS Bilten articles

Party Spasimo eSrbiju first addressed the public on day 484 of the New World with an article Saopštenje za javnost and made itself known to eRepublikans, primarily Serbians and represented its goals.

As a result of removing organizations from the game, Spasimo eSrbiju's newspaper was transferred to citizen soonchica and by the game mechanics, articles were merged into an existing newspaper, so all old articles can be found here.

SeS Board

Members of the party's board are first time mentioned in this article on day 495 of the New World and they were: Dejan Z. Djordjevic, Ilija Bozic, Nemanja Ciric, Lipec, Stevan Mokranjac, Marcus Annius Catillus Severus, oddyZR, soonchica, Vladimir Kezic, Zuble, veso90, Miodrag Miskovic, vonMartin, Milosh, Milojica, Lowrence, Nemcca, Vuk, Pajko, Eastmar, Tina88.


The primary goal of Spasimo eSrbiju was to free Serbia from its oppressors, even its name says it - "Save eSerbia".

The secondary goal was to promote a people's economy paired with as little government as possible.

Party Dissolved

Since Icon-Bulgaria.png Bulgaria occupied two remaining Serbian regions, all Serbian parties became Bulgarian, so the party itself stayed in Bulgaria and eventually got dissolved.

As soon as the first region of Serbia was liberated, a new party was founded with the same name - Spasimo eSrbiju, which changed its name as their primary goal was accomplished into Sacuvajmo eSrbiju and became the first party in the "new" Serbia.