Special Boat Service

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Special Boat Service, Royal Navy

SBS Logo.png

"By Strength and Guile"

General Information
Country Flag-United Kingdom.jpg United Kingdom
Colors Blue & Yellow
Type Special Forces
Part of The Royal Navy

Special Boat Service is a regiment of the United Kingdom Special Forces.

Commanding Officers of the new SBS

The Original SBS

The Special Boat Service (SBS) was the Special Forces section of the United Kingdom's The Royal Navy. The SBS was not a fully active part of the Royal Navy, only being active when it's not practical to deploy the entire Navy, therefore members are only ever temporally assigned to the SBS.


The SBS was formed as an idea by Hassan Pesaran, after the need had arisen to send a small squad to a conflict zone. Originally advertised to be a squad of the entire navy, Hassan came to the conclusion that it would be easier to send a small band of people from the entire Navy, instead of one squad. Many applied, and the name Special Boat Service was chosen.

First Mission

The SBS' first Mission was lead by (then) Colonel Will Salmon, then Commanding Alpha Company. The (acting) Sergeant of the Squad sent over was (then) Sergeant thehorseltd (Charlie Squad, Alpha Company, Royal Navy), and the Corporal was (then) Sergeant romansoldier (Alpha Squad, Alpha Company, Royal Navy).


The SBS was disbanded and replaces with the Royal Marines in October 2009

Past chief commanders