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Special weapons:

Bazooka Small bomb Rocket Big bomb Batzooka Bazooka with a booster AIM-92 Stinger

There are several special weapons that can be used by soldiers in the ground battles and one special weapon (AIM-92 Stinger) that can be used in aircraft battles.

Available all year round


Main article: Bazooka
Icon - Bazooka.png
Bazooka is a special weapon that kills an enemy with one hit. Every hit will deal exactly 10,000 influence points and you will be awarded 1000 rank points.

Bazooka also has a durability of three strikes which means you can kill three enemies with one bazooka and thus deal 30,000 points of influence.

Bazooka can be acquired by collecting bazooka parts and once that at least one of each (five) parts in the storage, bazooka can be assembled.


Rocket missile.png

Rockets, previosuly known as GTG Missiles, can be produced in the Rocket factory. The Rocket damage varies according to the level of the rocket factory:

  • Level 1: 50,000 damage
  • Level 2: 250,000 damage
  • Level 3: 500,000 damage
  • Level 4: 1,750,000 damage
  • Level 5: 2,500,000 damage

Small bomb

Small bomb.png
Small bombs are 1 hit weapons that can be obtained during the weekly challenge or by purchasing some of the supply packs: Assault pack, Blitzkrieg pack, Combat stash, Infantry kit, Power pack or War stash.

The small bomb damage varies according to the citizen's division:

  • Icon division 1 blue.png : 75,000 damage
  • Icon division 2 blue.png : 375,000 damage
  • Icon division 3 blue.png : 750,000 damage
  • Icon division 4 blue.png : 1,500,000 damage

They were previously known as ASM Missiles and could also be obtained by winning the Battle hero medal.

Please note: When advancing divisions, in order to use the bombs from the previous division, all of the new ones will need to be used first.

Big bomb

Big bomb.png
Big bombs are 1 hit weapons that can be obtained as a reward of several missions, purchasing Assault pack, Blitzkrieg pack, Infantry kit or Power pack or during promotional campaigns.

Big Bomb can be used in battle to deal 5.000.000 of instant damage! Big Bombs have an expiry date of 30 days but they extend the expiry date of other Big Bombs in storage.

They were previously known as Nuclear bombs or Nukes and rewarded by winning the Campaign hero medal.

Available on special occasions


Main article: Batzooka
Batzooka weapon.png
Batzooka is an evil weapon summoned by witches and cursed by evil spirits to spread sorrow and despair among the citizens of the New World.

It is available around the Halloween period when it replaces the classic bazooka and can be assembled in the same way as a bazooka.

AIM-92 Stinger

AIM-92 Stinger.png
AIM-92 Stinger deals 1000 damage per hit while having a durability of three hits and eliminating a regular enemy with one hit. AIM-92 Stinger is the only special weapon that is used in the aircraft battles. Unlike most items, the AIM-92 Stinger's duration in the storage does not stack and the duration of each AIM-92 is tracked separately.

This weapon can be obtained only during promotional campaigns.

Cruise Missile

Cruise missile.png
Cruise Missiles deal 1.500.000 damage and can only be used in ground battles.


Annihilator is a bomb that deals 120.000.000 damage and can only be used in ground battles.

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