Specialized Elite Execution Squad

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Specialized Elite Execution Squad

Party-Specialized Elite Execution Squad.png
General Information
Country Flag-USA.png USA
Abbreviation S.E.E.S.
Colors Black and Red
Founded March 17, 2010
Dissolved 2012
Congress Occupancy 0 /62 seats, 0%
Succeeds United States Workers Party
Succeeded By Very Italian People
Orientation Far-Right
Ideology Authoritarian

The Specialized Elite Execution Squad defined itself not as a party, but as a social movement that happens to own a few parties. In its lifetime, SEES has owned parties in America, Japan, South Africa, and Russia.

The social movement was formed based on Emerick's image by friends and followers of him during his three-month absence in late 2009 and early 2010. His whereabouts were never confirmed, though there were tales of dragons fornicating tablecats. SEES served to amuse its members and friends of SEES with their shenanigans and general internet gaffotry. And they will never stop.

The party was formed as an add-on to the movement, a bit of side quest fun, by Emerick upon his return in March [1]. As a party, its ideology is Authoritarian. The party runs on the basis of absolute command and strict control. The party has a small but powerful upper echelon of rulers, all of whom are ruled by the party's supreme leader, known officially as Der Führer. At only one month old, the party had twelve congress members, despite the fact that it was a minor party, in terms of membership numbers, although it garnered nearly 200 members from the ten days between its founding and that election. Afterwards, the SEES party has had its ups and downs, power struggles and shenanigans. Overall, the members of SEES have had a good time.

SEES militia was known as Super Soldiers, while their youth was known as Emerick Youth.


SEES supports the notion that most people are merely another cog in a greater machine. However, with hard work and intelligence, a person may rise to the rank of an elite mechanism that controls the lower machinery.

SEES Manifesto: Our Struggle

Warning: politobabble ahead

The cover of the first through thirty-first editions of the SEES manifesto.

When in the course of human events and interaction, it becomes necessary to throw off the shackles of non-virtual ideologies that bind us, for the survival of one's virtual nation and in the name of gamesmanship, there will be those who recognize that the only path to victory is recognition and distinction of one world from another. These men and women are SEES.

A collective of combined intellects who have gathered themselves under a single individual's forceful will, not because they are followers, but because the e-world lacks a substantive leader. A single individual whom, through his will and personality alone creates action. For as is apparent to all, a leader is constituted by the people, to be leader of those people, to defend them from oppression and virtual-violence (in the form of theft and abuse of power) as the shepherd his sheep; and whereas the people do not give their will to the leader, to obey his commands, whether right or wrong, but rather give the leader their will, in such a manner that the leader realizes he exists for the sake of the people (without which he could be no ruler).

The cover of the thirty-second special edition copies of the SEES manifesto, complete with a forward by Emerick. SEES elected to cease production of the book after selling the 5 million copies of this special edition

This is the root of SEES: individuals relinquishing a piece of self, releasing a portion of their will to a greater whole, so that all might gain from it, discipline and wise counsel and in doing so remove a great deal of the conflict that is inherent in the politics of the e-world. And in doing so also remove themselves from needless and wasteful moral debate. As there is only one Fuhrer and his council. There is only one overarching mind, one overarching personality, one overarching being, and his will is wisely given him by the people, that he might wisely exercise it with his own innate will. And as such, you do not have an individual that is forever and always seeking to be Party President of this party or that, switching sides and political affiliations based on political avarice; but you instead have a single staid and stoic individual who has achieved the highest political heights already, and has no ambitions other than to see his nation and party flourish.

A single individual who does not set himself above the people, as their ruler, but with the people, as their leader. An individual, along with his council that does not spend treasure and time with fruitless debates on what is moral and immoral to do in a virtual world that has no consequence whatsoever upon any individual of sound mind. But instead would spend treasure and time on victory. True, unadulterated, un-yielding victory, not gold thrown across the world for some sense of social justice; but gold thrown across the world in the name of American victory and dominance.

We are SEES and if you wish to see victory where there is only partisan vitriol; if you wish to see supremacy and dominance, where there is a history of devastation and shame; if you wish to see destruction and calamity, upon our enemy, instead of we; if you wish to see America on a shining hill of its own creation, while the rest of the unfriendly world looks on in envy and awe while in a state of American-induced desolation, and marvel at their American enemy, then you are already SEES, but have yet to join.

From one, many and from many, one. We are SEES, and our age has just begun.

Ten Bylaws of the Brotherhood of the Specialized Elite Execution Squad

  1. Do not talk about S.E.E.S.
  3. Be a brother to your ally and be a demon to your enemy. With your allies, always treat them as a brother- you never double-cross a brother, you never let him down. With your enemies, make them regret ever having crossed your path. Hound them like a dog out of hell, and never let up. Always bite to break the skin, and never show mercy. Mercy is a weakness, and a clever enemy will take advantage of it.
  4. Don't be an idiot. We all like to have fun, which is what The Game is all about, but never put having a good time or getting a cheap laugh over accomplishing your goal or the security of our nation. We are elite in every way, be it in game knowledge, HTML knowledge, or general cleverness. Don't give us a bad name just because we know how to have a good time.
  5. Always follow the chain of command. Our trusted leaders are our leaders because they know what they're doing. There is always a plan afoot, and you may be placed as a pawn without knowing why. There is always a reason for everything.
  6. Always contribute. You're expected to vote and move as ordered for the greater good of the party, and we take census several times a week to know who is capable of what. If you are not willing to contribute to the party or the country, then you're dead weight. Why would you play this game if you don't want to contribute?
  7. Communication is key. If you feel that the party is not working out for you, tell us why. This is a growing organization, we're still putting it together, and we're always open to good ideas. Alternatively, if you want to put some work into our effort, let someone know. This is the entire purpose of blocs. We have a chain of communication to make sending messages between leadership and membership easy, so use it to your advantage. You know that we do.
  8. Praise Dio. Every fucking day.
  9. You are an angel, and I love you. Know that, and never forget.
  10. Number ten.

Elitism and Teamwork

The members of S.E.E.S. are stout believers that those who have proven their superiority deserve to be listened to, and thus should be followed. They believe that they are playing a team game, and understand the importance of working together while following their leaders' orders.

Aggressive Nature

S.E.E.S. has a more aggressive approach to things than other parties by using methods that go against the usual moral high horse, such as the takeover of the AAP which was viewed as a PTO because THEY CAN'T SEE WHAT WE'RE DOING UP THERE ON THAT HIGH HORSE. An aggressive approach allows SEES to get things done more efficiently than taking the time to think about others feelings over the internet.


SEES believes that the job of Congress is to facilitate the executive branch. According to SEES ideology, the legislative branch is nothing more than an extension of the executive, and a necessary evil, but only because of game mechanics.

Party Structure

The SEES power structure

SEES prides itself on its superiority over every other party in the country, including its activity, its membership's pride and its superior members. Because the party was founded by a group of old citizens who were devout Dioists, they believed that a strict lifestyle led by the best and brightest in the community, and led with an iron fist, was the optimal way to lead a successful country in eRepublik. Because of this belief, they created a strict party structure to lead their fellow ideologues to victory.

Der Führer

Der Führer is Emerick. He is and always will be the top executive, and he has the power to directly command every member of the party, including but not limited to his staff. Every member is expected to show the utmost respect for Der Führer and must follow his every order, no matter how they may feel about it. A pawn does not always know why it’s moved forward, but it must move. Failure to follow an executive order will result in a level 5 punishment, which will be laid out later.

Grand Vizier

The Party President, also known as Grand Vizier is second only to Der Führer. The Grand Vizier has the power to issue orders to other party members but may not override Der Führer’s order. His main function is to act as Der Führer’s right-hand man and develop the strategy along with the executive staff. The Grand Vizier, whether or not he holds the position in-game, shall serve as Party President, directing all-party action, under the supervision of Der Fuhrer.

Council of Elders

The Council of Elders approves Congressional candidates who wish to represent our party in Congress. Each congressional election, people who wish to run for Congress with assistance from our party’s resources must take a congressional competency test. This may or may not be followed up with an interview by the council or select council member(s). Based on the council’s previous knowledge of the citizen plus the member’s results from the test, they will decide if that person would make a quality congressman. Of course, Der Führer has the final say in all matters.

The Council also assists Der Führer and the Grand Vizier in strategy discussion and decision-making. The Council of the Elders acts as a brain trust to Der Führer and assists him in any important decision-making that he chooses to include them in. One of the most important principles of the council is confidence. Everything discussed in the council’s chambers is to be kept behind those closed doors. No council member may share another council members’ thoughts on anything discussed, and the worst crime that a council member can commit is to reveal the name of a council member who lobbied for a certain decision. For example, if the council decides not to stand behind a particular congressional candidate, an opposing council member may not reveal the names of the council members who opposed him. This is to promote the council’s freedom to express their opinions on all matters. Any council member who is caught revealing another council member’s thoughts is immediately and permanently removed from the Council of Elders without prejudice.

Elections Director

This is the guy that sets up the congressional elections. He’s the one who makes sure that all of our people are running in the correct state, that there are blockers in the correct position, and yes, makes backroom deals with other parties when necessary. He will have a group of peons who will assist the congressional hopefuls in their campaigns with advice and generally being their bitches. Also, every congressional candidate will need final approval from the Führer or Grand Vizier before they shall benefit from our services.

Education Department

Education Director

The Education Director will obviously be the director of our education programs. He will direct "Emerick's Youth" which is the nickname the recipients of this program. We will have a mentoring program where new players will request a mentor and they will guide the new player through the different aspects of the game. Emerick's Youth will also attend lectures, Q&A sections, and have the option of apprenticeships to get them involved and knowledgeable as soon as we can.

Protocol Minister

The Protocol Minister shall work alongside the Education Director to educate not only new members but all members of SEES in any and all matters of party protocol. This shall include, but not be limited to, manners of dress and address when in the presence of Der Führer, his harem, and all Senior Party Members, including Department Heads and Council Members. Instruction in proper methods of praising the God-Emperor Dio Brando shall also fall under his purview, with supervision from High Priest of American Dioism Publius.

Economic Expert

The Economic Expert provides input to what the party should do economically and how to advance themselves in the economic world. He is in charge of SEES controlled companies and creates an environment where they will reach and maintain maximum output. He also works towards the party becoming an economic power in America, allowing it to become stronger and lead it to elite superiority that surpasses the governments of the world.

Communications Manager

He overlooks the programs that established contact with eRepublik citizens and maintains it with those who choose to maintain contact with the party. This includes, but is not limited to contacting noobs, running the press releases, and maintaining wiki articles. Generally, his job will be to make sure the party of greatness reaches out to every American, letting them know the opportunity that awaits them.

Human Resources

The Human Resources Director finds young maggots and puts them to work for SEES, be it with mass messaging or apprenticing. She works closely with the Communications Director to find these new grunts, as the communications department has the most access to the party members.

Executive Staff

This is the last known executive staff.

Role Member(s)
Der Führer Emerick
Grand Vizier Nicholas Ryan
Council of Elders Chisholm, Necrosis, St Krems, Harrison Richardson
Chancellor of Ragequits Necrosis
Elections Director Sensai Nicholas Ryan
Apprentice Elections Director Alexander Auctoritas
Education Director Henry Arundel
Protocol Minister Killing Time
Economic Expert Max Wallingbottom III
Communications Manager BoxofAids]
Human Resources Sensai rainy sunday
Apprentice Human Resources Director kalapadea
Militia DirectorSensai Max Wallingbottom III
Apprentice Militia Director ArcNox and Leif Erikson WAN


Part of SEES's appeal is its excellent propaganda in both writing and images. Many of its members articulate their love for the party in their newspapers, and the SEES elite writes propaganda in the party's official paper, The Midnight Channel.

Propaganda images are a popular form of expression, but not many in SEES have the pure artistic talent required to create such works as found below. SEES artists include but are not limited to: Raepdog, Max Wallingbottom III, and Glove. They have all shown the artistic prowess to create beautiful pieces of SEES propaganda.

The Supreme Hegemony of the Illuminated

The Supreme Hegemony of the Illuminated logo

In January 2011, when the party was run by Nicholas Ryan, the party was restructured for a month as The Supreme Hegemony of the Illuminated, Center orientated with Totalitarian ideology in place.

Party Organization

The Supreme Hegemony of the Illuminated (SHI) was a semi-secret society with multiple levels of membership. To rise to higher levels of access members of the society had to fulfil the requirements as laid out for them. No member of the Supreme Hegemony was aware of the structure and organization of the next level of the Hegemony until they reach it.

It was said that the Supreme Hegemony of the Illuminated is ruled over by a The Triumvirate, though it was not clear who comprises this body, nor how it operates. Speculation often assumed the Party President, and his Vice President are both members of the Triumvirate, though this cannot be confirmed.

Party Views

The Supreme Hegemony of the Illuminated has professed a desire to rule over all nations and people and extends its agenda to both foreign and domestic politics. In support of its militaristic ideals, the Supreme Hegemony of the Illuminated was strongly in favor of the military, and a taxation program to support it.

Known Levels within the SHI

While many of the traditions and methods of the Supreme Hegemony of the Illuminated remained a secret, members have been known to leak information, perhaps intentionally, about the structure of the Supreme Hegemony of the Illuminated.

  • The Conclave of Strangers
  • The Sacristy of the Illuminated
  •  ???
  •  ???
  •  ???
  • The Supreme Hegemony of the Illuminated Triumvirate