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This is the manifesto of Spectrum.


Free Thinking Politics

Spectrum is a unique Political party in the eUK in the sense that we are an alliance of people from all over the political spectrum and unlike the other parties, not bound by a certain ideology that we must follow. Together, our members, whether they be communists or far right come together to debate ideas and turn them into policies which take the best from all sides of the argument. We Feel this is the best way for everyone to be heard and to get their views across. No one is ever shouted down and No ones ideas are ever ignored. Our Party has no 'Elite Members' everyone is an equal among equals.

Beliefs should be formed on the basis of logic, and reason, and should not be influenced by authority, tradition, or any other dogma. The eUK is dominated by real life inspired parties of left and right, yet this is a game. We will reject traditional political thinking and do only that which furthers growth, prosperity and fun.

The Spectrum remembers that this first and foremost is a game and we want to keep things simple to keep things fun!

Domestic Policies

Spectrum believes in respecting and up holding the democratic votes taken each month for Congress, the Presidency and for Party Presidents.

We believe helping new citizens is one of the most important duties of a government and therefore we strongly support legislation and schemes both by the government and by private individuals to help answer questions, give advice and seek to encourage them to keep playing.

We strongly believe and always strive for smaller Government. large social programs funded by high taxes ultimately only take enjoyment away from the players. We should aim to cut away as much of the Government as possible, focusing on those functions only the Government can do. This includes:

  • Skill 0 Jobs
  • New Citizen Education
  • Foreign Policy
  • Military Organization
  • Low/Fair Taxes

A Government should be there to help maximise citizen enjoyment and not to legislate laws which would constrict a citizens fun.

Foreign Policy

Spectrum believes in the protection of British interests above all others. This is a competitive game and a governments first responsibility is to its own citizens.

We Believe in maintaining friendly relations with all nations of the world wherever possible, the more friends a nation has, the more secure it is.

We believe in a high focus on diplomacy, with honesty in our dealings with other nations. if we cannot be trusted as a country, we will not last as a nation in the new world.

Economic Policy

Spectrum wants the best for all three sides of the economy: Good wages for the workers, security for the company owners and profit for the Government which will in turn be cycled around the economy.

New Owners Project We would like to begin a scheme where the government would help players buy companies and upgrade them to higher quality levels. They would pay a reduced cost and the government would cover the rest:

Q3 - 30 to 60 gold

Q4 - 60 to 110 gold

Q5 - 110 to 200 gold

There would only be a finite amount of these grants, and they would be biased towards people who were long term players but hadn't owned high quality companies before. The hope would be that this would increase demand for higher quality products by producing more high quality workers with high wages. This scheme may be expensive in the short term, but the long term benefits would hopefully outweigh this

Nationalised Companies

Despite what our colleagues on the left might say, Spectrum is committed to both sides of the political spectrum and would like our nationalised companies to flourish and eventually make up between 1/5 and 1/4 of our economy. These industries will mainly be aimed at low skilled workers.

Foreign Trade

The party would like to help globalise our market (within our alliance of course) and would seek more trade agreements with friendly states. The openness of the UK economy must be increased. Spectrum is also committed to creating more of a Phoenix economic sphere. All of the PHX countries have strong economies and we can exploit this to increase our influence in neutral countries.

Free Commerce by Tuition

As the Government, Spectrum would pursue the creation of a General Managers Index so that the countries new businesses would know which path to start on into the new module. If this is not done, we believe that the economy will be flooded with some goods, whilst being entirely devoid of others. This would help the state to give a helping hand to our country's Managers and Organizations.

Office of Government Commerce

Spectrum would like to propose the creation of a new executive agency within the eUK to be provisionally named the ‘Office of Government Commerce’.

The Aim

The aim of the proposed OGC is to ensure that all companies within the eUK have an opportunity to tender for government commodity requirements, that the procurement of government commodities is undertaken in a transparent and open manner and that by inviting competition the prices paid will be provide the best value for money for eUK taxpayers.

It is intended that any savings made (were they sufficient) would be used to subsidise tax cuts for the general population thereby stimulating further future economic demand.

The Method

A – Through a new in game organisation ‘expressions of interest’ in supplying the government are sought from potential vendors. These will be for fixed term or fixed quantity supply agreements

B- Once the list of potential vendors has been vetted (to remove previous time wasters / problem suppliers) a forum thread is opened for a strict period of time (24 /48 hours to allow a ‘reverse auction’ to be undertaken. A reverse auction is where any potential supplier will seek to under cut the previous bid on thread until the bidding time has elapsed.

C – At the end of the period a winner will have emerged. Due diligence checks will then be undertaken and if passed satisfactorily an agreement will be finalised with the successful supplier. The agreement will provide exclusive rights to supply the government the specified product during the agreed period. However the eUK government retains the right to cancel should there be a material breech of the agreed terms.

D – The details of the exclusive rights will be recorded on a central database to allow for both public scrutiny and as forward notice when re-tendering work should begin.

Military Policy

Spectrum Believes that the people of the eUK constantly deserve an opportunity to fight to raise their strength and increase their enjoyment of the game.

We Strongly support the eUK military In its efforts to organise citizens in the eUK military and provide them with weapons during training wars and real wars.

Final notes

You are still more than welcome in the party if you disagree with some of these points, as only with critical thinking and well reasoned debate can we move forwards. We don't need "Yes Men" here!