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Nationality Flag-Croatia.jpg Croatian
Date of birth 28 October 2008
Day 343
Date of death 2011
Residence Flag-Croatia.jpg Split, South Dalmatia
Sex Male
Newspaper Zajednica eDomovina
Minister of Work and Social Welfare of Croatia
November 2008 – 5 January 2009
Served under Hrvatska Demokratska Stranka
Succeeded by Sulla
Congress member of Croatia
26 December 2008 – 25 February 2009
Served under Hrvatska Demokratska Stranka
Minister of Foreign Affairs of Croatia
6 January 2009 – 5 February 2009
Served under Roby Petric
Preceded by Roby Petric
Succeeded by Relic
President of Croatia
6 February 2009 – 5 April 2009
Served under Hrvatska Demokratska Stranka
Preceded by Roby Petric
Succeeded by Roby Petric
Party president of Hrvatska Demokratska Stranka
16 February 2009 – 15 April 2009
Preceded by Roby Petric
Succeeded by rocker-ma
Military rank Icon rank Supreme Marshal***.png Supreme Marshal***
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

split1700 was one of the most active politicians in Croatia. He is well known for his generosity as he helped Croatia's development in the early days using his own money, starting (and closing) the national portal edomovina.com. He settled in South Dalmatia.

Early life

split1700 started his life in the USA. He met his first friends there - Roby Petric and Kokach. They helped him with his education and after that, they all came to South Africa to build one of the biggest Croatian communities. At first life in South Africa was tough but they developed fast. split1700 started his own company and helped in developing Africa's economy which was weak at the time. He also brought many people from other countries who were willing to help out. Preparation for the upcoming days with new country Croatia was a key to the success that Croatia has accomplished.

Starting a political career

After the election of the Croatian Council split was appointed Croatian minister of work. This was his first political position as a member of Hrvatska Demokratska Stranka. He won a seat in the Congress and after the presidential elections, he was named Croatian Minister of Foreign Affairs. This job was a new challenge for him, the opportunity to show his diplomatic skills. Naming him Minister of Foreign Affairs later appeared to be the best possible solution for Croatian international status as a newly created country. He made a great social network among his ambassadors who bonded Croatia with other developed countries.

Work, work and only work

Roby Petric announced his absence after his first term and it was clear that split1700 is the right person to continue his great work. Croatia was finally standing on its feet but needed the right man to continue development. Indeed split1700 was elected and his leading Croatia to modern society had just begun. He founded Croatian Secret Service and brought the health system into order. First hospitals and Defense systems were built and investing in them was continued. By the end of his first term, he accomplished everything he planned and therefore he had the right to be satisfied.

Days of wrath

Croatia took over Serbia and took 5 of 7 regions without fighting is known as Days of wrath (Serbian: Дани гнева, Croatian: Dani Gnjeva). The Croatian army initiated action on the initiative of the then former President of Croatia - Roby Petric. The reason for the war was the alleged attack on the president of Croatia - Split1700 - supposedly carried out by the Serbian government. There is still some controversy over whether Serbian officials created multiple accounts and sent donations to Split1700 in an attempt to get him banned.

The end

In February 2010, split 1700 prepared a huge shock to the Croatian community. In an article Zov Domovine- The end... he announced that he is leaving the game and shutting down everything that he built, including eDomovina portal. After that, he moved out of Croatia, wondered around the world and eventually left the game.


Zajednica eDomovina is the newspaper owned and published by Split. There are over 1000 readers subscribed to this newspaper.


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Hard Worker (x31)
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