Srpska Stranka Dvokliktasa

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Srpska Stranka Dvokliktasa

Party-Srpska Stranka Dvokliktasa.jpg
General Information
Country Flag-Serbia.jpg Serbia
Abbreviation SS2K
Founded June 30, 2010
Members 214
Congress Occupancy 1/40 seats, 2.5%
Succeeds Stranka Dvokliktasa eSrbije
Succeeded By Zajedno
Orientation Center
Ideology Libertarian

Party History


Srpska Stranka Dvokliktasa (SS2K) was created on June 30, 2010, by the unification of Srpska Patriotska Stranka and Stranka Dvokliktasa eSrbije. Srpska Patriotska Stranka had 65 members, while Stranka Dvokliktasa eSrbije had 31 member. The deal of the unification was the that the new party's name would be Srpska Stranka Dvokliktasa, and its supreme committee would contain five members from Srpska Patriotska Stranka (I-G-D, Luk492, MarinaR, Marko24, Zeljko_90) and two more from Stranka Dvokliktasa eSrbije (Omiljeni, Smizzla). The unification was completed on June 29, 2010, and the next day, Serbia had one new party. Of course, there have been many problems because of the unification, and on July 07, 2010, two supreme committee members left SS2K (Luk492 and MarinaR). After having faced all possible problems, SS2K was finally at peace, with five supreme committee members :

  • I-G-D
  • Marko24
  • Omiljeni
  • Smizzla
  • Zeljko_90

SS2K Member Boom

On July 09, 2010, I-G-D, one of SS2K supreme committee members, started a project called SS2K Member Boom. The goal of the project was to make SS2K bigger - to attract more members. The project was a huge success! At the beginning of the project, SS2K had 82 members, and a week later (July 16, 2010), it had 178 members. Another week later, it had 205 members, and the SS2K Member Boom was almost over, but SS2K still continued to grow. When the project started, SS2K was 12th at the Serbian party rankings, and now it's 8th.

Election History

July 15 - Party President Elections

Official candidate for SS2K party president :


New SS2K party president :


Election Result : SUCCESS

July 25 - Congress Elections

Official SS2K candidates for congress :


Formal party of SS2K official candidates :

Stranka Zdravog Razuma (I-G-D)

Election Results :


1 candidate became congressman of 1 candidates in total