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Dead citizen


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Nationality Flag-USA.jpg American
Date of birth 16 Feb 09
Date of death July 2011
Residence California
Sex Male
Newspaper All Tomorrow's Parties
Congress member of Oregon
March 2009 – June 2009
Preceded by Michael Lewis
Succeeded by CaptainCAPS
Congress member of Minnesota
Feb 2010 – Mar 2010
Preceded by James Roosevelt
Succeeded by Talio Extremist
Congress member of Oregon
Dec 2010 – ?
Party president of United Independents Party
Feb 2011 – March 2011
Preceded by Pheno Sony
Succeeded by S-Mac31
Military rank Icon rank Colonel.png Colonel
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Ssomo was a citizen of the USA.

He served three terms as congress member for Oregon, served as commanding officer of the US Home Guard during World War III. He was stationed in the region of Tibet with the Cavalry and a member of the United Independents Party.


Joining the game in February 2009, he quickly became a protege of his congressman, Ananias, and immersed himself in the game and the US forums.

Ssomo was drawn to politics and economics in the game. He approached One Eye and expressed interest in joining the Economic Council. Then-president Uncle Sam appointed ssomo to a seat. By similar pluck, ssomo was appointed ambassador to Greece. He also enlisted in the US Home Guard.

After Ananias stepped down from Congress, ssomo mounted a campaign and launched his newspaper, "Devil's Punchbowl." The newspaper featured a series of exhaustive policy positions. In the March 2009 election, ssomo ran a nonpartisan campaign, reaching out to all political parties for endorsement. The UIP, then led by PrincessMedyPi, endorsed him and provided his ballot berth. Ssomo defeated four other competitors to claim the seat in Congress.


His first term in Congress was spent helping to craft the US budget. By assisting budget committee chair Gilroy, ssomo became a key advocate for the budget. He drafted a full budgeting calendar and process to support an orderly and transparent process.

During his first term, ssomo also proposed an Office of Trade, which was endorsed by both the Economic Council and the State Department, to advance trade with other nations around the New World.

His first term was also marked by the introduction of a bold and unpopular position: Beef up domestic iron by raising the import tax to 50%[1].

Ssomo won his second term of office endorsed by the UIP, AAP, America First Party, US Green Party, and Libertarian Party. He was also endorsed by the controversial RightCon group and the ICCCR.

Achievements during ssomo's second term:

  • Conducting a survey of Congress member priorities, drafting and passing the Public Disclosure and Non-Corruption Act [2] after the NavyII theft,
  • creation of the Department of Commerce based on the Office of Trade resolution passed by Congress.

One failure during his second term: The iron import tax proposal was scorned and ridiculed, and then a scaled back version (to 10% import tax) handily voted down by Congress (7-35).

Military career

Ssomo joined & rose through the ranks of the US National Guard from early in his life. Starting as a raw recruit, ssomo first rose to platoon assistant (corporal) for Daisy Rogers, and then promoted by General Istarlan to platoon leader. Ssomo was eventually promoted to XO of the re-organized US Home Guard by John Woodman, which meant membership in the exclusive group of the Joint Chiefs.

This promotion was shortly before the start of start of WW3. After Woodman resigned as CO of US Home Guard due to RL issues, ssomo was promoted by the legendary warrior Eugene Harlot to CO of US Home Guard. This was during the presidency of Harrison Richardson and coincided with the lowest ebb of USA fortunes during WW3.

Coinciding with the election of Emerick as USA president in Sept 2009, ssomo resigned his position. His successor as CO of the US Home Guard was qkoller.

Post WW3

After resigning the JCS, ssomo considered resigning eRep altogether and made plans to that effect. Instead, he set goals of reaching 20 strength and field marshal level of points in game. He also 'carpetbagged' around the globe working land skill jobs for the highest pay and lowest taxes -- in passive protest over the backwards US tax system.

Nonpartisan League is born

Eventually, after Emerick's remarkable turnaround in WW3, ssomo decided to return to US politics. He successfully won election as party president of a small party and rechristened it the 'Nonpartisan League.' His intent was to establish it as a think tank & endorsement vehicle more than as a political party.

As a start, ssomo wrote an article declaring the US tax structure upside down. He attracted a few members, including his old friend Bormon and Joey James Smith.

Return to Congress & farewell

The tax issue gained some traction, largely due to the promotion by well-known patriot and former VP Joe DaSmoe. But it was also due to the collapsing economy -- which many blamed on Lana the strength trainer, but others (including ssomo) blamed on an excess of supply and a shortage of demand.

So based on all this ssomo was encouraged to run by AAP party president Aersidius and eventually received the AAP endorsement from US speaker Rheinlander von Phalz to run in Minnesota on February 25, 2010.

Thanks to broad support, ssomo squeaked out a victory and tried to aid a compromise tax deal between Joe DaSmoe and congressman and Treasury secretary sydiot.

After a few failed attempts, ssomo realized that returning to politics was a mistake because it was not fun. He completed his term, gave away his belongings and gold, and bid farewell to his handful of friends -- mostly among the UIP -- in April 2010.

Return to New World

In early September 2010, ssomo logged back on to eRep in time to see the end of the failed v2 module, and to see that many people he knew in eRep also quit the game during the spring and summer of 2010.

Ssomo rejoined the UIP. He also rejoined the US military machine, completing basic training in the US Training Corps. He was then recruited by the US Cavalry before the admin realignment in military strength reduced his former damage-dealing abilities.

After running as a UIP blocker in Sept and Oct 2010, and joining the failed PTO of Russia in Nov 2010, ssomo learned that his original home state, Oregon, was reunited with the US. And so ssomo decided to run again for Congress in Dec 2010, and swept to a shutout victory [3].

In Congress, ssomo kept a lower profile than in previous terms. He voted and made occasional low-volume comments in an effort to learn the mood of the chamber, but did not take initiative with any issue or legislation.

Ssomo ran for re-election in January, but lost to deershark of the Libertarian Party by one vote. Meanwhile, the UIP was in turmoil, and so ssomo wrote a detailed platform and won in field that included two prior UIP party presidents PrincessMedyPi and Athanaric.

During his single term as UIP PP, ssomo conducted outreach to 6th parties for Congressional races, increased UIP representation in Congress from two seats to seven, and helped to face down concerns from iNCi in Congressional and party president races. During his term the UIP also managed to remain the fourth most popular party in the US.

The one noteworthy error made during his term as UIP PP was in failing to officially endorse Glove for president in the March 2011 election, because was misinformed about the deadline.