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Nationality Flag-Norway.jpg Norwegian
Date of birth 12 May 2011
Date of death April 2016 (est)
Residence Icon-Norway.png Norway, Svalbard & Jan Mayen
Sex Male
Minister of Immigration of Norway
05 October 2011 – 04 November 2011
Congress member of Norway
26 October 2011 – 25 November 2011
Minister of Foreign Affairs of Norway
05 November 2011 – 04 December 2011
President in exile of Norway
05 December 2011 – 04 January 2012
Vice president of Norway
05 January 2012 – 04 February 2012
President of Norway
05 February 2012 – 04 March 2012
Preceded by Tommy Skaue
Succeeded by Endymionis
Military rank Icon rank God of War.png God of War
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Stakerauo is a Norwegian citizen, loyal politician, active soldier and strong journalist. He already died once sometime in 2014, but in 2016 he was again alive and kicking.


Stakerauo is an Honorary Rape Potato in the knighthood of rape potatoes since the day 1,412 of the New World[?].

He was a politically active and loyal citizen of Norway and has served well in his terms in his cabinets, making him climb the rank ladder very fast. He became The People's Country President only putting two terms behind himself. He was the Second Commander of Det Norske Forsvaret.

Icon achievement Country President on.gif

In October 2011 Stakerauo, as the party president of Norwegian Nationalist Party, changed its name to Anti-Espionage Electoral Alliance (A.E.E.A.). This Electoral Alliance was supposed to tame the massive flow of PTO'ers in Norway. Stakerauo's appearance in the political scene of Norway has mostly evolved around making Norway a country with Norwegian and pro-Norwegian leaders, which Norway had a lack of. By the October-November congress election, Norway had a congress of 36/40 trusted players.

Stakerauo has been the Party president of this party for eleven months in a row, but shifted party as Teknokratene was resurrected.

In December Stakerauo ran against the PTO'er LavBoris from a group called Vikinzi [Nor:Vikinger][Eng:Vikings] for Country President. Due to the massive immigration of over 30 PTO'ers before the election day, Stakerauo lost by two votes.

The December election's results:

Nickname Votes  %
LavBoris 87 49.71
Stakerauo 85 48.57
Jade Porzavo 3 1.71

Despite this Stakerauo took the lead as the People's President due to popular demand, and a short discussion in the National Security. By doing this he also becomes the youngest President in Norwegian history, being only 16 years and 15 days old. His goal was to take away all the reasons the Serbs had to stay in Norway (Stakism), and together with Flitwick he planned the Nordic Union. After long discussion with Finland, Russia, Romania, Ireland, Germany, Belarus and of course Denmark, he managed to create a Norway once again under EDEN control. This did not come as a pleasant surprise to the PTO'ers, and following came a long time of stupid, childish and not to mention irritating comments from the Serbs.

Stakerauo also became an official EDEN-member, and was on his first meeting on Day 1,482 of the New World.

In his older days, Stakerauo became a role model for the importance of being active. Even though he was having a short break from eRepublik he would always visit the forum and help the congress and government run smoothly. It's possible that as much as half of every Norwegian law was suggested by Stakerauo. Then again in late 2012, Stakerauo returned to politics as the threat of a new PTO was greater than it had been before since the attack of Vikinzi. He was soon offered the lead in the ATO as the Minister of Inner Affairs, who's job was to spot out the PTO'ers and keep a watch of what they were doing.


Stakism is a political ideology invented by Stakerauo. It was meant to be a weapon against PTO'ers, and so it was. The idea was that by preventing yourself from having a congress election, you would take away all the reason the PTO crew had to stay there. In general, you can say that stakism is setting off a hydrogen bomb in the middle of your enemies base, because there's no way your enemies will survive it, but your team will suffer from it as well. Stakism is usually described with the song "I can't get an erection from the election" by "Kollektivet TV2".[1]

An illustration of the original Nordic Union, created by Stakerauo.

Political Takeovers

As a Norwegian, Stakerauo has had to experience regular PTO attempts from foreign nations. However, the first PTO he experienced was from a group of right-wing Norwegians from a party called Binary Party. The PTO attempt was an attempt to put all political parties under control from Binary Party collaborates. It was known as "Operation Thunderballs", and it failed when their leader, Scorpicus, quit playing. During this PTO another PTO from Brazil won through, and the bank of Norway was emptied. Following came the time when Stakerauo started taking interest in politics. The second and most devastating PTO was the Vikinzi. A group of Balkan players, mainly from Serbia, who tried to seize Norway as a puppet state just for fun. Stakerauo tried to stop them but gained little support. After the PTO'ers gained control of the Presidential seat, Stakerauo took a leading role in the conflict against these people, and after eight months he together with Tommy Skaue and Endymionis had managed to liberate Norway from its civil conflict. This PTO helped shape Stakerauo into one of the finest and most respected politicians Norway had ever seen, as well as shaping Norway. After the PTO Kristoph Woldskji created a simple immigration system to create better control of the PTO flows. A system which Stakerauo perfected and passed through the congress. Stakerauo has also been in the EDEN ATO force, but quickly left when he was sent on a mission to PTO, not ATO, Turkey from a pro-ONE leader. Later he's seen many PTO's. All which have been stopped.

  I myself haven't done anything except fighting PTO'ers since I started playing this game two years ago, which means I've got more experience fighting PTO'ers than you've got at failing English exams, and that says a lot about how damn good I am at this.  
Name of group Origin Defending country Mission Outcome
Binary Party Icon-Norway.png Norway Icon-Norway.png Norway To put the right-wing Binary Party in control of all Norwegian parties Failed, lost moral as the leader quit
The Viking Clan Icon-Brazil.png Brazil Icon-Norway.png Norway To empty the national treasury of Norway Passed, lack of intervention from the defenders
Vikinzi Icon-Serbia.png Serbia
Icon-Bosnia and Herzegovina.png Bosnia and Herzegovina
Icon-Montenegro.png Montenegro
Icon-Norway.png Norway To have fun Failed, after 8 months of fierce fighting between the two parts
Hungarian government Icon-Hungary.png Hungary Icon-Norway.png Norway To PTO Norway so that fleeing from the Balkan wars would be easier Failed, stopped on the border as Sir Greggory Groda and Stakerauo discovered their intentions through a log leaked by the Swedish President
Grande Norge Icon-Romania.png Romania Icon-Norway.png Norway Unknown Failed, newcomers don't make very good PTO'ers
Guardian Knights Icon-Serbia.png Serbia Icon-Norway.png Norway Succeeding Grande Norge. No info

Icon achievement Media Mogul on.gif

Stakerauo is the press director for Norse Energy Telegraph. The newspaper had 602 subscribers. The Norse Energy Telegraph is known for posting articles of serious matters as well as social and entertaining matters. It has had a boost of subscribers when the authour created the "eRepublik Risk"-series which based on the same principals as eRepublik did: Conquering land! The newspaper went from having 91 subscribers to 225 in only 16 days.

Later he resurrected eRepublik Risk, and two new seasons were released. The Norse Energy Telegraph also had the honour of writing and publishing the article which marked Norway´s parting from their long time allies, EDEN, and their arrival at their new allies, Ásgárd[2].

Icon achievement Super Soldier on.gif

Despite his general success in the political category, Stakerauo was never a strong soldier in his early days. This can be explained by the fact that he almost never fought after he started doing politics. His Top Damage is solely based on bazookas, candy bars and Q6 weapons. Later he managed to buy the four different Q3 training grounds, which lead him further up on the military rank-ladder. Stakerauo was a member of Forsvarets Spesialkommando (FSK, Norway) as Second Commander of Det Norske Forsvaret.


Icon achievement Battle Hero on.gif
Battle Hero medals:
Country Opponent Location eDay Alliance
Icon-Portugal.png Portugal Icon-Venezuela.png Venezuela Central Venezuela 1,589 Erepublik Defence & Economy Network
Icon-Portugal.png Portugal Icon-Venezuela.png Venezuela Central Venezuela 1,589 Erepublik Defence & Economy Network
Icon-Norway.png Norway Icon-Russia.png Russia Vestlandet 1,619 Erepublik Defence & Economy Network
Icon-Denmark.png Denmark Icon-Germany.png Germany Midtjylland 1,716 Neutral
Icon-Belarus.png Belarus Icon-Lithuania.png Lithuania Dainava 1,765 Erepublik Defence & Economy Network
Icon-Belarus.png Belarus Icon-Lithuania.png Lithuania Sudovia 1,766 Erepublik Defence & Economy Network
Icon-Italy.png Italy Icon-Slovenia.png Slovenia Umbria 1,767 Erepublik Defence & Economy Network
Icon-Russia.png Russia Icon-Norway.png Norway Nord-Norge 1,769 Terra/PANAM
Icon-Norway.png Norway Icon-Netherlands.png Netherlands Northern Netherlands 1,779 Erepublik Defence & Economy Network
Icon-Norway.png Norway Icon-Netherlands.png Netherlands Northern Netherlands 1,810 Erepublik Defence & Economy Network
Icon-Sweden.png Sweden Icon-Poland.png Poland Smaland 1,811 Asgard
Icon-Finland.png Finland Icon-Poland.png Poland Southern Finland 1,829 Asgard
Icon-Sweden.png Sweden Icon-Lithuania.png Lithuania Lithuania Minor 1,831 Asgard
Icon-Sweden.png Sweden Icon-Lithuania.png Lithuania Scania 1,834 Asgard
Icon-Norway.png Norway Icon-Denmark.png Denmark Nordjylland 1,860 Erepublik Defence & Economy Network
Icon-Canada.png Canada Icon-Spain.png Spain Ontario 1,917 Asgard
Icon-Russia.png Russia Icon-Sweden.png Sweden Bohus 1,937 Neutral
Icon-Sweden.png Sweden Icon-Latvia.png Latvia Kuzeme 1,940 Asgard
Icon-Sweden.png Sweden Icon-Lithuania.png Lithuania Gotaland 1,944 Asgard
Icon-Finland.png Finland Icon-Estonia.png Estonia Eastern Finland 1,946 Asgard
Icon-Norway.png Norway Icon-Latvia.png Latvia Norrland & Sameland 1,950 Asgard
Icon-Norway.png Norway Icon-Germany.png Germany Sorlandet 1,958 Asgard
Icon-Sweden.png Sweden Icon-Lithuania.png Lithuania Svealand 1,969 Asgard
Icon-Finland.png Finland Icon-Lithuania.png Lithuania Eastern Finland 1,974 Asgard
Icon-Sweden.png Sweden Icon-Lithuania.png Lithuania Svealand 1,975 Asgard
Icon-Canada.png Canada Icon-Spain.png Spain Yukon 1,979 Asgard
Icon-Norway.png Norway Icon-Germany.png Germany Vestlandet 1,983 Asgard
Icon-Denmark.png Denmark Icon-Germany.png Germany Hovedstaden 2,008 Neutral
Icon achievement Campaign Hero on.gif
Campaign Hero Medals:
Country Opponent Location eDay Alliance
Icon-Portugal.png Portugal Icon-Venezuela.png Venezuela Central Venezuela 1,589 Erepublik Defence & Economy Network
Icon achievement Top Fighter on.gif
Top Fighter:
Rank Damage eDay
39 5,120,878 1,589

Current Top Damage:

  • 42,930,349 for Sweden. Achieved while trying to defend Gotland against Lithuania on day 2,091

The Battle for Congress, Sept 2011

The 4th of September 2011 Stakerauo organized a squad of almost every active Norwegian players and foreign helpers. His goal was to free some regions, but instead, he kick-started the fight for the Norwegian congress! The 26th he could proudly say that he had played an important role in this fight.

State Medals


Medal Class Awarded for: Awarded by: Name Level
Krig1.jpg Warfare Service to the Norwegian Military Endymionis War cross 5/5
ATO-Norway.jpg Special ATO-Service Endymionis Anti-Takeover Medal 1/1
Ribbon3.jpg Political Service to the political scene of Norway Ursidae Polar Ribbon for Commander 3/5
St4ph.jpg Civil Service Service to the Norwegian playerbase Ursidae Polar Nansen medal for Outstanding Research 1/4
PT3.jpg Patriotism Repeatednly reach International attention through media. Endymionis Medal for Rescue at Sea 1/1