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Stanwick Holdings
Logo of Stanwick Holdings
Owner Chris Stanwick
Country Flag-Indonesia.jpg Indonesia
Headquarters Western Australia
Founded 6 May 2009
Founder Chris Stanwick
Industry Diamonds

Stanwick Holdings was an American organization founded in Texas on 6 May 2009 by Chris Stanwick. It was headquartered in Western Australia and is the parent organization of Stanwick Diamonds.

Organizational History

Originally founded as the holding company for Chris Stanwick's business interests, Stanwick Holdings served as the owner of the American Companies. Throughout the month of May 2009 and into June, the organization managed four companies: American Food Company, American Airways Company, American Grain Company, and American Housing Company. Delving into the American stock exchange, Stanwick Holdings issued 100 shares of stock to the public, which were quickly purchased by investors. Shortly after the sale of stock, an international economic downturn and business mismanagement caused the organization to begin losing money. Within a week of the stock issuance, the shares were repurchased at 1.5 times the original value. Shortly after, the American Companies were sold.

Stanwick Holdings then sat dormant for many weeks, acting as a storage bank for Chris Stanwick and the National Emergency Evacuation Program. The organization has its own newspaper, Is Fearrde Thu Guinness, which ran very few articles before its move to Ireland on 9 August 2009. On that day, Stanwick Holdings was moved from Texas to Dublin, Ireland as the preliminary step in Chris Stanwick's move to the Emerald Isle. It sat dormant in Dublin for several weeks before moving to Denmark to act as a purchasing agent for low priced moving tickets. In mid-September 2009, the organization moved to Northern Territory, Australia, looking to purchase a diamond company. On 21 September 2009, Stanwick Holdings purchased a diamond company in Western Australia as part of the process for Australian citizens to purchase Indonesian companies in agreement for the return of Western Australia.

Business Holdings

The Stanwick Brand

The American Companies

  • American Grain Company - Q1 Grain (SOLD)
  • American Airways Company - Q1 Moving tickets (SOLD)
  • American Food Company - Q2 Food (SOLD)
  • American Housing Company - Q1 Houses (SOLD)