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Work, one of the earliest pro-Pakistani posters

The Holy Empire of Pakistan's Stardust Crusaders are well-known for their tendency to spread propaganda through the media outlets of the New World. Originally, it was intended to invite users into the game, but it was later used to spread pro-Pakistani opinions throughout eRepublik.

Members of the Stardust Crusaders have been known to inject hitherto irrelevant articles and discussions with pro-Pakistani propaganda, due to their high level of activity relative to that of other nations.

Paki-tan (By Kurotsuchi Mayuri)


Many Pakistani newspapers are aimed at slandering other countries and glorifying the Empire. ZA WARUDO, second in popularity only to God's Hand, is charged to have intentionally mistranslated interviews with Spanish and Swedish leaders in this fashion.


Pakistani citizens are quite famous for their activity on the eRepublik Forums. Antagonizing Spain, Sweden, and other unfriendly nations through the forums is one of Pakistan's national pastimes, and a draw for recruitment efforts. The rise received in turn from citizens of said nations lends to this pastime's longevity, and such exchanges are said to have escalated rivalries with other nations in the first place.

Gallery of Propaganda