Starkad Rorlikson

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Starkad Rorlikson

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eRepublik AmbassadoreRepublik Elite Citizen
Nationality Flag-China.jpg Chinese
Date of birth August 2008
Residence Beijing, China
Sex Male
Faith Atheist
Bundesinnenminister of Germany
05. Jan. 2009 – 05. Feb. 2009
Succeeded by Justin Tyme
Mitglied des Bundestages (MdB) of Germany
26. Feb. 2009 –
Chairman of the Congress Commission of Economy and Financial Markets of Germany
05. Feb. 2009 – 05. Apr. 2009
President of Germany
05. Apr. 2009 – 05. Jun. 2009
Preceded by Isy
Succeeded by shoot
Military unit SST - China Brigade
Position Commander
Military rank Icon rank Titan**.png Titan**
Aircraft rank Chief master sergeant 1.png Chief Master Sergeant*

Starkad Rorlikson (born July 2008) is a Hiberno-German entrepreneur, conservative politician and war veteran.

Following his term as the second Bundesinnenminister after the successful German Independence War and a stopover as the Chairman of the Congress Comission of Economy and Financial Markets of Germany he was elected president of Germany-Austria on Day 502 of the New World.

As a businessman he is co-founder and chairman of Nanook Capital, a multinational corporation that is mainly operating in Ireland and Germany.


Early Life - Ireland

Rorlikson was born in Cork|Cork City, Co. Cork, Ireland to German parents that had fled their motherland during the Swedish occupation following the Second Sweden-Germany War. After completing tertiary education at eUniversity College Cork (eUCC) he took up his first work in the manufacturing sector in a factory on the north banks of River Lee. Despite reasonable progress, and much to the dismay of his parents, he soon quit this job and decided to join the construction industry instead.

According to anecdotes, this change of mind happened over a pint of Heineken in his favourite bar An Bróg, when he realized that Ireland needed more prisons to take care of Victor Petrescu and his accomplices that were ruling over the country at that time.

The traveling years

After successfully building Q2 Houses for several weeks he had made himself a name as a talented craftsman. Since the economy still hadn't recovered and career opportunities were scarce, he took his remaining IEP to buy a moving ticket to the USA, to accept a job that payed him three times better compared to what was offered to him at home.

Due to his talent, persistence and luck he pursued a successful career in constructions that brought him to Canada, Sweden and Brazil during the following months. Rorliksons strong interest in the financial and money markets enabled him to accumulate additional wealth and make his influence felt in the business world. One of his friends, Scrabman, who later went on to become party president of the worlds biggest party (United States Workers Party) and presidential contender in March 2009, once described him as "an impeccable businessman [..] who really has his finger on the pulse of the world markets". Scrabman would later become one of Rorliksons business partners in NC Food.

In his spare-time Rorlikson published a regular newsletter, the Bargain of the Day, which brought him into contact with many international businessmen, diplomats and politicians. During his stay in Brazil it was one of these diplomats that informed him about the possibility of an end of the Swedish occupation of Germany.

Developments on the international stage during the following days were making it increasingly certain that independence was just at hand, so he prepared his return to his family's homeland. Two days after the successful German Independence War he moved to Munich, Bavaria.


Due to the fierce economic conditions in Germany and the recent appearance of raw materials all across the World, Rorlikson and his friend Jason Borowski co-founded Nanook Capital with its first subsidiary NC Iron Mining.

Besides running this business, Rorlikson became increasingly involved in German politics and was finally appointed Minister of the Interior (Bundesinnenminster) on January 5th, 2009 as part of president DKNs new cabinet. It was in this position that Operation Burning Spirit took place. After having been directly involved in combat operations, he went on to use his political position to lobby both for Swedish and international understanding for this operation.

Following the success of Operation Burning Spirit and Germany's full independence, Rorlikson stayed in politics while concentrating on expanding Nanook Capital's business operations. As an aftermath of the high level of secrecy and lack of transparency in the decision making that led to Operation Burning Spirit, Rorlikson and several other German congressmen went on to found Germany's 4th party, Bürgerliches Deutschland.