Statul Major Roman

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Statul Major Român
Government of Romania
Ministerul Apararii.png

General Information
Country RomaniaRomania
Headquarters Flag-Romania.png Muntenia
Newspaper Ministerul Apărării
Part of Romania
Type Institution
Secretary of SMR ionutzd

Statul Major Roman (SMR) (Enghlish: Romanian Staff) is the autonomous administrative authority in Flag-Romania.png Romania, invested by the Constitution with the task of organizing coordinating, in a unitary fashion, the activities related to the defense of the country and national security.

Leadership and Members

Members :

Secretaries of Romanian Staff

Secretary of Romanian Staff is a user created position selected usually by the members of Romanian Staff.

  • Secretary of Romanian Staff has access to all documents and deals with their maintenance
  • Chairs and has the right to call normal hearing on the topic Changing Regulation. Is required to enroll in the regulation any changes validated by vote of Romanian Staff.
  • May be dismissed, removed, banned, replaced only by vote of Romanian Staff, in the same conditions as for the appointment. In case of resignation of the Secretary, shall convene a Regular Meeting as soon as possible to replacing it.

This is the list of Secretaries of Romanian Staff of Flag-Romania.png Romania :

Place in time Secretary
2013 - May - June Citizen4839517.jpg ionutzd
2013 - July Citizen2066470.jpg Kelstein
2013 - August - December Citizen4839517.jpg ionutzd
2014 - Januray - April Citizen6413634.jpg ioaa
2014 - April - July Citizen4839517.jpg ionutzd