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I, GGRyan, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, hereby appoint Stefan1992, Member of the Order of the British eRepublik Empire, as conferred by the United Kingdom Honours Committee.

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Nationality Flag-United Kingdom.jpg British
Date of birth 2nd February 2009
Date of death 2013
Residence South East of England
Sex Male
Newspaper The Dharma Post
Congress member of South East of England
26th April 2009 – 25th October 2010
Congress member of London
26th October 2010 – ?
Party president of The Unity Party
16th November 2009 – 15th January 2010
Preceded by Karacticus
Succeeded by Iain Keers
Minister of Foreign Affairs of UK
6th December 2009 – 5th January 2010
Preceded by Lord Rhindon
Succeeded by GLaDOS
Minister of Interior of UK
25th October 2010 – 5th November 2010
Preceded by Dodgy Dude
Succeeded by Kevy Kev Kev Junior shabado
Minister of Communications of UK
6th September 2010 – 5th October 2010
6th November 2010 – 5th December 2010
6th January 2011 – 5th February 2011
Party president of Dharma Initiative
Military rank Icon rank World Class Force**.png World Class Force**
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Stefan1992 was a citizen of the United Kingdom.

He is the founder of the Dharma Initiative and the Deputy Party president of that party. He was also the former Party president of the Unity Party (PP for three months) and former Minister of Foreign Affairs, Minister of Home Affairs and Minister of Communications. He is a Member of Parliament in the South East.


Stefan1992 was one of the most experienced politicians in the country. While it took him a few weeks to discover the forums, he eventually joined it and has since been very active. For 15 consecutive months, Stefan has been a Member of Parliament for the South East, until he served his 16th term in London due to the South East being under foreign occupation. He was a Member of Parliament in the North East as well.


His first election in which he stood was the April 2009 congressional elections. With the backing of The Unity Party, he ran in his home region, the South East of England. The March 2009 elections were bad for TUP in the South East of England, as neither candidate managed to gain a spot. In April, both Stefan1992 and TUP candidate Sir Graystar became Congress members for the South East of England, along with 3 other candidates.

Stefan1992 has served as a Member of Parliament for 27 terms.

Party President of the Unity Party

Stefan1992 ran for Party president of the Unity Party in November 2009. He won, replacing Karacticus (who did not run for a third term). He was re-elected in December with a larger majority of the vote. He did not run for a third term, and Iain Keers replaced him in the January election.

In February 2011, Stefan stepped up once more to the position of Party President. He spent one month in this position, stating that he only wanted to run for one term, and would not even think about the possibility of running for PP for another year.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

For many months, Stefan was the ambassador to Indonesia. Later, he also became ambassador to Mexico. He was appointed as Minister of Foreign Affairs on 6 December 2009 by then Prime Minister Mr Woldy. During this time, Phoenix was formed, in which the United Kingdom became a part of.

Ministry of Home Affairs

Stefan became an apprentice for the Ministry of Home Affairs under the Department of Education back in February 2010, looking for a career change after being the Minister of Foreign Affairs. During his second month, the current uMoHA resigned, and Stefan was chosen to be the replacement. Since then, Stefan has been the uMoHA in the Department of Education. In one month, he was chosen as Deputy MoHA. He then returned to being uM of Education. During the term of October 2010, Stefan was appointed as the new MoHA for 10 days, after the former MoHA, Dodgy Dude, resigned.

Ministry of Communication

In September 2010, Prime Minister jamesw created the Ministry of Communications, and appointed Stefan to be the minister. MoComms takes several departments from the old Ministry of Home Affairs: Education, Wiki and Messaging, and places them in its own ministry. MoComms was placed back in MoHA during GGRyan's term as Prime Minister, where he served as uM for Education and then Minister of Home Affairs. The next term, MoComms was made its independent ministry again and Stefan was chosen to continue being the Minister of Communications.

Founding of the Dharma Initiative

Tensions rose between several members of the Unity Party after Stefan proposed expanding the rights of all people. After TUP disagreed in the idea of democracy for all, and turned their backs on the voting system, they forced anyone who supported these rights out of the party. Since then, Stefan has founded the Dharma Initiative, where the rights he first proposed were in effect.

Contributions to the South East

Stefan1992 was born in the South East, and has lived all his life there. During his first term in Congress, he started a relaunch of the South East Regional Council, including the Q5 food program, which gave new South East citizens free Q5 food. Other Congressmen had access to the organisation, and the password was changed and lost.

One of his main goals was to get as many people in the South East and the rest of the United Kingdom active on the UK forums. He started a program where South East citizens could win free Q1 weapons if they join the UK forums.

South East Council

Stefan was the chairman of the South East Council. The SEC replaced the South East Regional Council, and had several programs running. The first program created was a Q1 weapons lottery, where people could enter a drawing to win free Q1 weapons. A company was created in the organisation, called South East Gifiting, which is used for another program, which gifts people below 40 wellness. The latest program was a welcome basket, where new citizens can receive a welcome basket full of items needed to get started.

Finally, the South East Council was focusing on making sure new South East citizens have the ability to move to London. This was due to the aftermath of the invasion at that time, which left the South East and most regions without a hospital.


As Underminister of Education, Minister of Home Affairs and Minister of Communications, Stefan has created many guides in order to help citizens. It was believed that he has written more guides than anyone else in the United Kingdom. He had even published guides in his newspaper.

In August 2011, Dharma Orientation was created, a complete set of guides over many topics. This was a project of the Dharma Initiative in an effort to educate and help the newest players. In early 2012, these guides - originally only found on the eRepublik wiki - were published in articles, further expanding accessibility to the guides.