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Nationality Flag-Turkey.jpg Turkish
National rank 277
Date of birth 29.12.2008
Residence Turkey, Aegean Coast of Turkey
Sex Male
President of Turkey
6 May 2009 – 5 June 2009
Preceded by ImHoTeP1907
Succeeded by poker
6 August 2010 – 5 September 2010
Preceded by Hanilce
Succeeded by BattalGazi
Congress member of Turkey
January 2009 – April 2009
Party president of Milliyetci Yukselis Partisi
March 2009 – May 2009
Party president of Kibris Turk Partisi
October 16, 2010 – November 2010
Military unit REBELZ
Military rank Icon rank Titan.png Titan
Aircraft rank Squadron leader 0.png Squadron Leader

Steoks is citizen of Turkey.


Steoks has received 80x Hard Worker medals.


Steoks is currently the Commander of REBELZ. In the past he was a member of Turkish Armed Forces.


Steoks was an active politician in Icon-Turkey.png Turkey, being a member of several parties - Devrim Partisi, Ulusal Parti, Tam Bagimsiz Turkiye and Milliyetci Yukselis Partisi. He has served 11 terms as a member of Congress, 6 terms as Minister of Foreign Affairs and he has been elected twice as the President of Turkey.

However, Steoks was also active in Icon-Cyprus.png Cyprus. He was a party president of Kibris Turk Partisi and a candidate on November 2010 elections.


Steoks owns the newspaper Seyir Defteri.

He has earnt 4x Media Mogul achievements.