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stewstoyc (Scotywest)

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Nationality Flag-Australia.jpg Australian
Date of birth May 27, 2009
Day 554
Date of death December 29, 2009
Day 761
Residence Victoria
Sex Male
Prime Minister of Australia
September 5 2009 – September 15 2009
Preceded by Ranger Bob
Succeeded by Melchizedek Smith
Minister of Defence of Australia
July 5 2009 – August 5 2009
Preceded by Ranger Bob
Succeeded by Ezekiel Thomas
Minister of Industry of Australia
March 5 2009 – June 5 2009
Preceded by corny-ratbag
Succeeded by Aussie Vegeta
Deputy Prime Minister of Australia
April 5 2009 – May 5 2009
Preceded by Widdows9000
Succeeded by Aussie Vegeta
August 5 2009 – September 5 2009
Preceded by corny-ratbag
Succeeded by Melchizedek Smith
Military rank Icon rank Commander***.png Commander***
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Stewstoyc was a citizen of Australia, born in May 2008.


Had a high manufacturing skill, with 6 hard worker medals.


During Stewstoyc's elife he has served in the Australian Government for 6 to 7 terms, he has also worked his way up to become Prime Minister in the September term. But from a family issue stewstoyc was taken away from his office for 2 weeks, this meaning he was impeached after 10 days in the office. stewstoyc has served as a congressmen 4 times over his elife, once in Indonesia and 3 times in Australia.


Stewstoyc is one of the first 40 Icon Field Marshal.jpg Field Marshals of Australia. With a small strength of 8.5 stewstoyc became a General after tanking himself with loads of gold.

He had become the ACUK Marshal on October 5, 2009 after succeeding Timeoin. He was, in turn, later replaced by Binda33.


Over stewstoyc elife he has owned many businesses ranging from a Q4 weapons company to a Q4 food company. After selling his business Red Dust Australia, stewstoyc took a break from running companies.


Scotywest's News is the name of stewtoyc's paper, this paper was used for any of his personal news articles.