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General Information
Country Flag-Croatia.jpg Croatia
Total Soldiers 7
Commanded by Alkemichar
2nd Commander tigric45
Part of HDS

StormRiders is a military unit in Icon-Croatia.png Croatia.


StormRiders have been established on 5th April 2010 after several party meetings of Hrvatska Demokratska Stranka. Asklepije started the whole idea about the unit. Name "StormRiders" was suggested by Plese Tomislav, and personalized avatars have been done by Darko Rora. When party agreed to establish the unit (end of March 2010), the timing was really bad - the party was in financial problem as their party organizations were banned earlier that year. Despite that, members of the party joined forces and gathered over Icon - Gold.gif 120 GOLD, and also some of the members gave their companies to be used for unit needs.

After they agreed with the name and avatar, unit was formed. First Commander was delboy1512, but he quit soon after due to inactivity. After him, Dorian Derezic was elected to be new commander who was on the position until April 28th.
After him the commanders were:

After long period of non active status, Commander SASH-RI and his second in command Grrunks ressurected the unit. In 2019, the unit is led by the Commander Alkemichar and his second in command tigric45.