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Subscriptions show a list of your subscriptions alerts from newspaper that you are subscribed to, each time an article is published.

How it works?

When you subscribe to a newspaper, every time an article is written, it will visible in the subscription section in the Homepage. There are two different ways to view the subscriptions, one by looking at the homepage, and one by looking at the subscriptions page.


Homepage view of the articles; the last tab on the top is the newspaper subscriptions

As soon as citizen logs to eRepublik, they can see the news section. In the news section, one of the options is the Newspaper subscriptions tab where the citizen can see articles of the newspaper they've subscribed. This section contains, arranged by the day of publishing (the latest are the first), articles of the newspaper you've subscribed.

Information provided in this section includes:

  • Clickable newspaper avatar and title of the article with a link to the article
  • Name of the newspaper's owner
  • Number of comments and votes the article gained
  • Day of publishing

Initially, in this section you can only see the last 5 published articles of the newspapers you are subscribed to, however, you can expand the list by clicking see more button and continue clicking on it until ALL articles of the subscribed newspapers are shown.

Note: If you are not subscribed to any newspapers, this section will display a message: No articles for the moment

Subscriptions page

To view Subscriptions, click the "Newspaper subscriptions" link from the homepage and then select see all button on the bottom.

This page contains, arranged by the date of publishing (the latest are the first), articles of the newspaper you've subscribed.

Subscription page view

Information provided by the article includes the:

  • Number of votes the article gained
  • Title of the article
  • Date, category and country the article was published
  • Avatar, name and link to the publishing newspaper profile.

Note: If you are not subscribed to any newspapers, you won't see the number of newspapers you are subscribed to and the following message will be displayed: No articles were written in the last 30 days.


Above the obvious viewing differences between these two options of viewing the subscriptions, there are some major differences:

  • On the subscription page you will see the number of newspapers you are subscribed to, which is not possible to see on the homepage
  • The subscription page only shows the articles published in the last 30 days, while on the homepage you can see all articles published

Managing subscriptions

Subscription list 2.png

You can manage your subscriptions only from the Subscriptions page, not the homepage.

To do that press the "Change" button from the selectors and you will see a list of newspapers you have subscribed to with the following information:

  • newspaper logo
  • newspaper name
  • newspaper location (the country)

You can unsubscribe from the newspaper by selecting the box in front of it and press "Unsubscribe" button

You have a “select all” button will choose all the papers you have subscribed to.

Note: You can also unsubscribe by clicking "unsubscribe" at the upper right page at every article or newspaper page.

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