Suomen Punainen Puolue

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Suomen Punainen Puolue

Party-Suomen Punainen Puolue.jpg
General Information
Country Flag-Finland.jpg Finland
Abbreviation SPP
Colors Red, yellow
Founded 15 August 2009
Dissolved 2010 (est)
Congress Occupancy 0 /40 seats, 0%
Succeeds Suomen Kansan Demokraattinen Liitto
Succeeded By Unfortunately party was dissolved
Orientation Far-Left
Ideology Libertarian

Suomen Punainen Puolue (Finland Red Party) was one of Finland's left-wing parties, being the most radical. It was born when SKDL split to SPP and SKDL. SFRP's president allowed SPP's first Party president kaller have the party.

The party itself didn't accomplished a lot, being mostly fighting for the top 5 positions, at the prime time having around 50 members. Later party was dissolved.

Party presidents

Elections PP No. of votes  % of votes
August 2009 kaller 13 59.09
September 2009 kaller 15 100
October 2009 Herz 21 100
November 2009 Proxima 27 100
December 2009 kaller 30 100
January 2010 kaller 18 100


Kansantehtaat was the organization owned by the SPP with which ran party's own companies. The companies offered work with a good salary and cheap products to the people. The purpose of companies was not to make profit as the profit was distributed among the workers.

There were several companies owned by Kansantehtaat:



house(Q2)-, and

wood(Q2) industries.

The weapon factory was also owned by Kansantehtaat. Weapon company operated according to the same principle but mainly it was a training centre to the workers who were interested in Manufacturing.