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This military unit played an important role in creating military history, however today it is no longer active

Swedish Military

Swedish Military.png

Winter Is Coming

General Information
Country Flag-Sweden.jpg Sweden
Region Svealand
Total Soldiers Classified
Commanded by The President of Sweden
Part of Sweden
Swedish Military logo

The Swedish Military/Swedish Armed Forces (Swedish: Försvarsmakten) was the official military organization of Sweden during Beta and V1 versions of the game.

The goal of the Swedish Military was to take care of Swedish interests around the world and also defend the country at times of war. The Swedish Military was famous for its courage, intelligence and true "Viking-spirit".


The Swedish military was mainly built on two different organizations - TSM-Hugin and TSM-Munin (named after the Nordic god Odin's ravens). The commanders of the Swedish military were the President, the Commander of The Swedish Army (CoTSA), the Minister of Defense (MoD) and the Vice Minister of Defense (VMoD). The congress main task was to provide the Swedish military with funding during a war.

Known Commanders

This is an incomplete list of Commanders of the unit.

Citizen name Time Party
Enenra 2013 None
Larm The second half of 2011 Gamlingarna
Kape Early 2011 None


The Swedish military is financed by Sweden. The Swedish Congress several times questioned the amount of money that's being sent to the Swedish military. In response to this, the military changed their compensation formulas, reducing their expenses with over 50%.

Old logo
Pansartrupper on a mission.
The Swedish fighter JAS 39 Gripen.
  • Sweden-Russia War

  • Sweden-China War

  • First Sweden-United Kingdom War
  • Second Sweden-United Kingdom War

  • First Sweden-France War
  • Second Sweden-France War
  • Third Sweden-France War

  • First Sweden-Poland War
  • Second Sweden-Poland War
  • Third Sweden-Poland War
  • Fourth Sweden-Poland War

  • First Sweden-Finland War
  • Second Sweden-Finland War
  • Third Sweden-Finland War
  • Fourth Sweden-Finland War

  • Öresunds war or First Sweden-Denmark War
  • Second Sweden-Denmark War
  • Third Sweden-Denmark War
  • Fourth Sweden-Denmark War
  • Fifth Sweden-Denmark War
  • Sixth Sweden-Denmark War
  • Seventh Sweden-Denmark War
  • Eighth Sweden-Denmark War
  • Ninth Sweden-Denmark War

In all of these wars, the Swedish military was successful. Swedish Military also fought in FFF-wars: