Swiss Freedom Party

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General Information
Country Flag-Switzerland.jpg Switzerland
Abbreviation SFP
National rank 4
Colors Red and White
President Rican
Vice President lviz Fer
Members 5
Congress Occupancy 3/20 seats, 15%
Orientation Center-Left
Ideology Libertarian

The Swiss Freedom Party is a top party in Switzerland, which was reborn several times in its history.

The beginning

The Swiss Freedom Party was a top 5 party in Switzerland for 10 months, created by Wazamaza and led for most of its existence by Paul Proteus. They were the only not PTO candidates to win party president and when they were not around the party dwindled very quickly, though Flatroy turned out to be a fine Party President. The Swiss Freedom Party was created when nicktheh left the Swiss Democratic Party, Wazamaza took the party, and changed the name and the focus of the party. He ruled the party for many months until he was hacked, and Paul took over. When Paul left the SFP struggled with PTO until Wazamaza came back for one month. The next month, Rican lost against a PTO and the next month the party died when Switzerland was conquered.

The party was Totalitarian, Far-Right orientated with ID 2732. The party had official forum , and the youth was called Swiss Youth Group. The official colors were red and black. Paul Proteus was the only person to win President of Switzerland running from the party, though Penguin4512 tried and got a close second in October of 2010. Other influential members included: Rican and Trurl.

First Rebirth

The logo of the oldest party; used in the third rebirth as well

The party was eventually recreated by older members, such as Rican and Penguin4512, as well as newer Swiss such as Kliment E. Voroshilov and GoranJ. The SFP went on to support Kliment (formerly Luka) for president in November. The party was later controlled by festool, who has been party president from April to July 2012, despite facing many close elections. When Kliment E. Voroshilov left Switzerland for a while, he (festool) was the only candidate, and he changed the party name to Swiss Democratic Party. He was accused of Political takeovers and using Multi-accounts. Most of his Bulgarian friends are in the Swiss Freedom Party, which affected the massive leaving by real Swiss citizens and destroyed the party's face.

The party has been invaded by a large number of multi-accounts and some PTOers. Part of them went into Congress in September 2012. They have all been reported and a good number got banned. In the Party elections that were held on 15th October 2012, Kliment E. Voroshilov with the support of known Swiss citizens Lotus Black, Rican and newer party member dyplomata z krakowa managed to win against Conect.R with the result 13 to 5.

Second rebirth

The logo of the party during second rebirth

End of 2013, the party was reborn again under ID 3707 and changed practically everything to become Center-Right Authoritarian party under the leadership of El Reto in May 2014.

The Swiss Freedom Party become fast a top 3 party in Switzerland.

Last rebirth

In October 2016 the party was reborn again under today's conditions and ultimately became the top party in Switzerland, constantly being in the top 3 parties of Switzerland.

Party Presidents

Term Party president
March 16th 2010 - June 15th 2010 Wazamaza
June 16th 2010 - September 15th 2010 Paul Proteus
September 16th 2010 - October 15th 2010 Mr.Flatroy
October 16th 2010 - November 15th 2010 Cerberusik
November 16th 2010 - December 2010 Wazamaza
December 2010 - June 2011 party didn't exist
June 15th 2011 - July 15th 2011 GORANJ
July 15th 2011 - August 15th 2011 Kliment E. Voroshilov
August 15th 2011 - September 15th 2011 festool
September 15th 2011 - November 15th 2011 Kliment E. Voroshilov
November 15th 2011 - December 15th 2011 GORANJ
December 15th 2011 - January 15th 2012 Nemkec
January 15th 2012 - February 15th 2012 festool
February 15th 2012 - April 15th 2012 Kliment E. Voroshilov
April 15th 2012 - September 15th 2012 festool
September 15th 2012 - October 15th 2012 dyplomata z krakowa
October 15th 2012 - November 2012 Kliment E. Voroshilov
November 2012 - January 2014 party didn't exist
January 15th 2014 - February 15th 2014 Dan/naD Wilshire
February 15th 2014 - April 15th 2014 N/A
April 15th 2014 - May 15th 2014 DoDrew
May 15th 2014 - June 2014 El Reto
June 2014 - October 2016 party didn't exist
October 20th 2016 - December 16th 2016 Fhaemita The Apostate
December 17th 2016 - January 16th 2017 Stenka Razin
January 17th 2017 - February 16th 2017 Fhaemita The Apostate
February 17th 2017 - April 16th 2017 Gyantse
April 17th 2017 - July 16th 2017 Stenka Razin
July 17th 2017 - August 16th 2017 Rican
August 17th 2017 - September 16th 2017 Comandante Mono
September 17th 2017 - October 16th 2017 Rican
October 17th 2017 - November 16th 2017 JAVIER MIGUEL L
November 17th 2017 - June 16th 2018 Rican
June 17th 2018 - July 16th 2018 dan quijote
July 17th 2018 - August 16th 2018 C0RRAD0 BG
August 17th 2018 - February 16th 2019 Rican
February 17th 2019 - March 16th 2019 chris jonadicus
March 17th 2019 - July 16th 2019 Rican
July 17th 2018 - August 16th 2019 dan quijote
August 17th 2019 - June 16th 2020 chris jonadicus
June 17th 2020 - September 16th 2020 Rican
September 17th 2020 - November 16th 2021 chris jonadicus
November 17th 2021 - January 16th 2022 Joseph Rich
January 17th 2022 - July 16th 2022 chris jonadicus
July 17th 2022 - Still in the office Rican