Swiss Guard

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Swiss Guard


Acriter et Fideliter

General Information
Country Flag-Switzerland.jpg Switzerland
Total Soldiers 38
Commanded by Rican
2nd Commander lviz Fer


The Swiss Guard was founded on day 1222 of the new world by Dr.Pain. He wanted a swift action to bypass the long and disencouraging way of creating a national army for Switzerland by editing the constitution. Although he was the Country President of Switzerland back then he made it a private Militia and not the official army.

This step had two mayor benefits:

1. Other militias would not feel cast out from the state.

2. The Swiss Guard had enough freedom and time to organise itself.

Change in Leadership

On day 1,444 Dr.Pain left the Swiss Guard and the country of Switzerland for Canada. This was due to Dr.Pain's infraction of The Flying Dove Treaty, which had just recently been signed, and the retaliation that he got due to the infraction from other Swiss citizens. Command was then passed down to F4uc0n, who is doing his best to keep the Swiss Guard alive. Despite his best efforts the Swiss Guard is not the Swiss superpower that it once was, in part because of a lack of recruitment efforts from inside the guard, and a lack of overall organization.

The Death of F4uc0n

On Day 1,688 F4uc0n wrote an article explaining that he was quitting the game. In the article wrote that he was handing over control of the Swiss Guard to sgtchewy. His reasons for doing so was because of sgtchewy's continuing activity on the Swiss Guard forums, and some of the ideas he had always wanted to implement. However, not every member of the Swiss Guard understood why he was going to be commander. Some of the orginal members of the Swiss Guard where still around such as Xeraes, eSmash, Penguin4512, etc. and they assumed command would automatically fall to one of them. After much internal discussion, sgtchewy was made the leader of the Swiss Guard on day 1,693.

Actually Penguin4512 didn't think he would be captain at all considering he was a practicing ePacifist, so he approved of the choice.

The Guard merges with Milites Helvetica

Milites Helvetica avatar
In August or September 2012, sgtchewy was approached by Uros95, who suggested a merge of the Swiss Guard and his MU, Milites Helvetica. Sgtchewy was very tentative at first. He didn't want to upset anybody by allowing a change this large. However, after much thought, and discussion inside of the Guard, the merge was approved of. A second regiment was opened up so that the former Milites could chose a captain of their liking. The merge increased the size of the Guard dramatically, and subsequently increased their reputation.

Known leaders

Swiss Guard old logo