Swiss Neutrality Party

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Swiss Neutrality Party

General Information
Country Flag-Switzerland.jpg Switzerland
Abbreviation SNP
Forum Forum
Colors Red & White
Founded December 2008
Dissolved November 2011 (est)
Congress Occupancy 0 /20 seats, 0%
Succeeds Teocratici Superdotati
Succeeded By Swiss Socialist Society
Orientation Center
Ideology Libertarian

Swiss Neutrality Party (SNP) was a center libertarian party in Switzerland.


The Swiss Neutrality Party was created after the Swiss Independence War by Big Brother. Between December 2008 and February 2009 SNP was the largest party in Switzerland. Their policy was to keep Switzerland neutral and eventually expand and modernize. The Swiss Neutrality Party was on February 16, 2009 renamed into Teocratici Superdotati after the hostile political takeover of Switzerland by Theocrats.

After 11 months Clifford Burns renamed on 16 December 2009 the Shaolin Monastery party into Swiss Neutrality Party and continued the legendary Swiss party. In the party presidential elections in January 2010, the Swiss Liberal Party tried unsuccessful a hostile PTO of the Swiss Neutrality Party.[1] The Swiss Neutrality Party published on February 28, 2010 their first party program after a direct democratic vote. It was the first party program from a Swiss party ever.[2]

On August 16, 2010 the Swiss Liberal Party with the support from trukork succeeded their hostile takeover of the Swiss Neutrality Party. Because many hours before this villainous deed was known, Sminter run in an inactive party and won the party president election. As consequence, Sminter renamed the new party in Swiss Neutrality Party and continued the work of this legendary Swiss party.

On September 16, 2010 has Walther Rathenau, member of the Alti Eidgenossenschafts Partei the old Swiss Neutrality Party get back and continued the work of this legendary Swiss party temporary.

On January 29, 2011 when Germany occupied the last Swiss region Graubunden, which meant that SNP become part of Germany and defacto destroyed. After Switzerland was liberated in February 2011, on February 23 Walther Rathenau, financed by Thalia von Sturmfels, founded the SNP.


The Swiss Neutrality Party opened on 17 December 2009 for efficient collaboration the SNP Party Forum. It was the first party forum in Switzerland ever and stood in scope of the non-partisan collaboration open to members of other parties. On 18 December 2009 was the SNP SO as headquarters of the Swiss Neutrality Party opened and the official newspaper SNP News was launched. For a efficient communication on December 19, 2009 the #SNP Chatroom was established which was the first chat room of an existing Swiss political party ever.

Domestic Policy

In the context of inward-eSwiss policy, SNP maintained a critical and constructive cooperation with all parties. However SNP refused to cooperate with extremist groups.

The SNP is for the steady improvement of the political structures and the transparency of the heart.

SNP is for sustainable Switzerland and a slender state, but aware of the necessity of bureaucratic processes. Therefore, shall only the necessary bureaucracy preserved and optimized.

Transparency must be in all political processes -except sensitive areas- promoted and reflect the truth. Citizens shall always stay informed about the political course and the state finances through the continuous publication of state reports.

All members of the SNP don't hesitate to help and assist citizens in emergency with know-how apart the political stage. The SNP support the principle of help for Self-Help.

Foreign Policy

The SNP stand united behind a neutral Switzerland and is against any military expansion. SNP refuse all efforts to take over foreign regions for economic reasons or other pseudo reasons. Except the Swiss regions Deutschschweiz, Graubunden, Romandie and Svizzera italiana, Switzerland does not need more regions. The sovereignty of other eNations shall not be violated.

The neutrality of Switzerland must give a face by informing abroad through diplomatic ways and making strong for the inclusion of Swiss neutrality in bilateral and alliance contracts.

Switzerland should be a neutral platform for rival states and promote as diplomatic mediator the international peace. Switzerland must remain for this sensitive function always impartial and serve the peace-keeping.

Economic Policy

Flat-rate tax which lacks any fundamental and rational arguments are unacceptable and only leads that the state is unnecessarily richer and richer. The Swiss tax decisions should sound reasonable and primarily be made in favor of individual citizens and small and medium companies (KMU). Therefore is the SNP consequently for individual taxation.

KMUs form the backbone of our economy and shall be protected if necessary with healthy protective measures against cheap mass imports. At the same time, these measures must be continually reviewed and appropriate restricted if their nothingness exposes or companies the situation with price fixing or other market damaging methods exploit.

Social firms which primarily serve for work integration of long-term unemployed and young workforce is matter of the private sector and shall be promoted and regulated from the state. The state should only in extreme case of need set up and manage social firms without compete the local industry.

Defence Policy

The SNP understands under Mutual Protection Pacts (MPP) a attend for the refresher courses (WK) of the Swiss militia army. If in times of war all diplomatic efforts have been exhausted, can eSwitzerland propose MPPs as a military answer for national defense or defense of an ally.

Under no circumstances, the Swiss militia army is allowed to act as a political actor, or acting independently or on their own account.

Armor material shall be purchased primarily from the private sector through one-time or term-contracts therewith the private sector is stimulated. The state should only in extreme case of need set up and manage defense firms without compete the local industry.

Political Mandates

Date Term Party President National Councillors President
16.12.2008 1. Big Brother 12 N/A
16.01.2009 1. Banach 6 Big Brother
16.12.2009 1. Clifford Burns 7 N/A
16.01.2010 2. Clifford Burns 5 N/A
16.02.2010 1. Arschmann 6 Walther Rathenau (after Impeachment)
16.03.2010 2. Arschmann 4 Arschmann
16.04.2010 3. Arschmann 7 N/A
16.05.2010 1. LightFeather 6 Clifford Burns
16.06.2010 4. Arschmann 22 Clifford Burns
16.07.2010 1. SVladislavich 16 N/A
16.08.2010 1. Sminter N/A N/A
16.09.2010 1. Walther Rathenau 13 Walther Rathenau
16.10.2010 1. KingRobertBaratheon 12 N/A
16.11.2010 1. Galvanie 13 cesgon
16.12.2010 2. Walther Rathenau 8 Milanlazetic (after Impeachment)
16.01.2011 3. Walther Rathenau 4 N/A
23.02.2011 4. Walther Rathenau 15 Dr.Pain
16.03.2011 5. Walther Rathenau 16 N/A
16.04.2011 1. Thetis Achelous 5 N/A
16.05.2011 1. Julia Brunner 0* N/A
16.07.2011 1. IENAWHiiTE 1 N/A
16.08.2011 1. Borgogian 6 N/A
16.09.2011 1. Todor Jivkov Jivkov 0* N/A
16.10.2011 1. OMO.Izmerliev 2 Borgogian

Note: Congressional elections were not held on 25.05.2011, 25.06.2011 and 25.09.2011, as well as Party elections on 16.06.2011.


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  2. SNP Party Program