Swiss People's Party -SPP-

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Swiss People's Party -SPP-

Party-Swiss People's Party -SPP-.jpg
General Information
Country Flag-Switzerland.jpg Switzerland
Abbreviation SPP
National rank 1
Colors Red and White
Founded May 13th 2020
President AG.DF
Vice President Bombooo
Secretary General Leon With
Councillor AG.DF
Spokesman polat veremdar
Members 18
Congress Occupancy 14/20 seats, 70%
Orientation Center
Ideology Libertarian

The Swiss People's Party -SPP- is a party in Flag-Switzerland.jpgSwitzerland that was born on May 13, 2020.

The beginning

The first logo of the party designed by Terry Benedictt.

The Swiss People's Party -SPP- was created by Terry Benedictt and Clorofila. Co-founding members and leaders of the party were: Ithilwen, Bombooo, cheekky pereyra, Leon With, ExEgeL and KaRaBeLa48... These people united and gave rise to the creation of the party with great enthusiasm and dedication.

The party is Libertarian, Center orientated with ID 5800. The party has official Discord, and its military unit is the Swiss Special Forces (2020). The official colors are red and black.

First Steps

The Swiss People's Party -SPP- become fast a top 3 party in Switzerland.

On the second day there already had 9 active members, leaving the party in 3rd place in the ranking in Switzerland under the leadership of Terry Benedictt.

Party Presidents

Term Party President
May 13th 2020 - June 16th 2020 Terry Benedictt
June 17th 2020 - July 16th 2020 Bombooo
July 17th 2020 - August 16th 2020 Terry Benedictt
August 17th 2020 - November 16th 2020 KoKo Elephant
November 17th 2020 - March 16th 2021 Cardinal Ignatius Hohenstaufen
March 17th 2021 - April 16th 2021 Terry Benedictt
April 17th 2021 - May 16th 2021 LucianSRB
May 17th 2021 - June 16th 2021 no election results available
June 17th 2021 - July 16th 2021 LucianSRB
July 17th 2021 - August 16th 2021 Terry Benedictt
August 17th 2021 - September 16th 2021 junixander
September 17th 2021 - October 16th 2021 Julio Entusiasmo Fervientes
October 17th 2021 - November 16th 2021 ExEgeL
November 17th 2021 - February 16th 2022 Terry Benedictt
February 17th 2022 - April 16th 2022 ExEgeL
April 17th 2022 - May 16th 2022 Julio Entusiasmo Fervientes
May 17th 2022 - June 16th 2022 no election results available
June 17th 2022 - July 16th 2022 polat veremdar
July 17th 2022 - August 16th 2022 Vientos del Sur
August 17th 2022 - September 16th 2022 Carolus Rex.
September 17th 2022 - October 16th 2022 Terry Benedictt
October 17th 2022 - November 16th 2022 pep_369
November 17th 2022 - December 16th 2022 x AzaX x
December 17th 2022 - January 16th 2023 Terry Benedictt