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Nationality Flag-USA.png American
Date of birth 18 September 2008
Date of death 2013
Residence Florida
Sex Male
Newspaper Arbor Libertas
Congress member of USA
July 2012 – August 2012
Military rank Icon rank Supreme Marshal**.png Supreme Marshal**
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Symrstar was a citizen of USA.

Military Career

For nearly his entire life Symrstar has been an active member of the United States Armed forces. After two weeks of adjusting to his new life, Symrstar enlisted into the National Guard where his commitment to excellence has served him well.

Humble Beginnings

After enlisting into the National Guard he was placed in 2nd Division as a raw recruit. After only two weeks he had proved himself to his superiors that he was a capable soldier, and potentially officer material. This garnered his first promotion and the activation of his commission as an officer of the United States Armed Forces.

Commanding Officer 4th Platoon, 1st Division US National Guard

It did not take long to serve with distinction as a Second Lieutenant. After showing the aptitude for managing a platoon and a genuine interest in contributing to the greater good of the Armed Forces, Symrstar was asked by his superior (chimichonga barbosa) and a lone congressman (Justinious McWalburgson III) to sit on a council regarding the lack of leadership.

The Six

A clandestine meeting of military officers and single congressmen. Some would call it a coup from within the military, others would call it the heart of patriotism reborn from ashes. General chimichonga barbosa, Colonel Leroy Combs, Colonel Moishe Second Lieutenant Jtree, Second Lieutenant Symrstar, and Congressmen Justinious McWalburgson III all met within the confines of a secure location. The problems of military leadership were identified and solutions quickly employed to prevent the appearance of weakness during the transition from Beta to V1.

  • Identified problems:
    • Key military administration elements under the purview of political appointees.
      • Given the revolving door of political power, held under the sway of nothing more than the popularity of a given candidate, the administration of a military force was deemed too valuable to be upset once every month. The desire to lead and the ability to lead were found to be two separate elements
      • To this end the separation of the authority of command and the authority of administration were separated. The establishment of the Joint Chiefs of Staff enabled the military to hold to a stable foundation whilst holding their allegiance to the executive branch of the government.
    • Communication Breakdown.
      • Communications failed, at least the human element did. This leads to the point below.
      • To rectify this problem, an aggressive training plan was to be initiated by the National Guard
    • Lack of Clear Chain of Command.
      • This stemmed from the dynamics of the enlistment and retention. Soldiers would often quit after promotion for one reason or another, or transfer to another branch.
      • Solutions provided kept stability in the upper chain, training even made the upper chain visible to every incoming grunt. However, the dynamics stated above continued to play havoc on the lower ranks of the officer corps.

Commanding Officer of the National Guard Training Command

As the Joint Chiefs went about establishing clear routes of communication between the branches and brought all military interests into a single council to serve the President of the United States, Symrstar was sent on a less glamorous mission. Mint troopers capable of eating lead and shitting bullets. After studying the rules of e-warfare he started instructing his troopers on communications procedures, standard elements of combat (button-oligy), and the importance of the chain of command. He quickly found an XO to help in the daily grind of pressing out new troopers, Kyle321n had taken the promotion knowing hard work was ahead (little did we know he would become Speaker of The House).

Much of the training took form in the form of PowerPoint presentations. However, the administrative skills required of officers was still a one on one process of instruction. Symrstar never had the time to complete the full training plan, as he was then tapped to become General of the Army after only a month of furious work with the National Guard.

Commanding Officer of the US Army

There is an old saying that goes along the lines; you can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink

This would be the defining characteristic of General Symrstar's career. Glad to see his effort and zeal rewarded, he gladly accepted command of the United States Army. Symrstar felt he could bring a new sense of unity by promoting communication.

He has mistakenly been described as a private man; in fact, the truth is the opposite of that sentiment. During the entire time, he occupied his post he sent thousands, if not tens of thousands of messages. He tried to foster a community among brothers in arms. He attempted to get his officers to lead by example.

While attempting to organize the defunct military into a new machine of a war he divided the army into four timezone based armies, with auxiliary elements such as special forces, supply and logistics (Quartermaster), and a military press corps. Being secretive, he desired to split the rosters to improve data security. This wasn't as much of a hindrance as some claim. There is no reason for a private to be browsing the roster of another division, army, etc.

Many times in his career he butted heads with the executive and legislative branches.

Symrstar had a very long reign as General, and it is also the most mysterious. Symrstar liked to keep to himself and was very isolated from the rest of the Army. He was also very paranoid when it came to the possibility of having PEACE spies in the U.S. military. For this reason, he kept all the division's rosters separate, in case there was an infiltrator. However, this slowed down things tremendously, and communication suffered during his time at the helm. He did not utilize his XO, Armandez, as much as some would have liked. But the army would not be where it was today without him. He revolutionized the army by making completely new divisions, called armies back then. He also tried to divide it up so each "army" was in the same timezone for easier communication. The armies were broken up into too many platoons with too many COs and the quality of COs deteriorated from that. Lack of communication from COs to their higher ups to then their higher ups caused severe problems.

In late April of 2009, Symrstar mysteriously disappeared. No one is entirely sure of what happened to him, although there has been much speculation. Many people called for the end of the Army following his disappearance, however, Armandez stepped up and took the reigns for a last ditched effort to save it.

Symrstar later returned to eRepublik.


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Military offices
Preceded by
GEN William Shafer
Commanding General of the United States Army Succeeded by
GEN Armandez