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Flag of Terra
Map of Terra
Formation December 2010
Dissolution September 2012
Type Military
Headquarters TERRA Island
Members 4

Terra was a military alliance consisting of 4 member-states across several continents.


Terra was created around mid December 2010 and at the time was called PANAM. Brazil and Argentina had withdrawn their membership from the PHOENIX alliance in the previous weeks. This freed both countries up to begin discussing a possible alliance with the USA. Brazil and the USA were the first to solidify the alliance with the signing of a Mutual Protection Pact, which shortly thereafter was cemented by the joining of Argentinian, thus giving rise to the Pan-American flavor of the alliance.

However, not long after, additional countries expressed interest in joining and this would lead to it becoming a global phenomenon. Japan was the first nation outside of the Americas to join PANAM in January 2011. Later in the month, Canada would also become a signatory. France, the first European country to enter the alliance, did so in the first week of February[1]. Shortly thereafter Turkey became a signer on February 8, 2011 and Russia entered on February 22, 2011[2]. The United Kingdom entered the alliance on February 24, 2011.[3]

The issue of Mutual Protection Pacts became a point of some contention early on with the PANAM alliance. As it was formed from countries previously under different alliances, many of the member states were slow to establish MPPs with other member states. Some of this was a result of unexpired pre-existing agreements. Due to the Indonesia invasion of the USA early on in the alliance's history, this produced confusion resulting in many Argentinians fighting on the wrong side in the first engagements. In addition, Turkey's stance within the alliance also caused confusion due to the nature of that country's various MPP status and its ongoing conflicts with some European states that had long-standing relationships with other PANAM powers. As a result, Turkey left PANAM on March 11, 2011, citing a difference in national goals with other member states.[4] On the 21st of March, Germany joined Terra after being declared a natural enemy by Poland.[5] On the 30th of March, Portugal became a member of Terra.[6]

On the 25th of April, the UK would withdraw from the alliance, citing a number of grievances in regard to what it alleged was a subordinate status to EDEN.[7] This charge was denied by other member-states, who alleged that the UK placed its own agenda before that of the Terra/EDEN joint-alliance as it faced multiple attacks and heavy losses in World War V. In particular, the UK had become embroiled in the internal politics of Ireland, an EDEN member, and had expressed a desire to invade or to politically takeover the neighboring country.[8]

On the 1st June, Chile became an official member of Terra.[9]

During June 2011 Argentina and Portugal[10] withdrew, claiming insufficient support from Terra HQ.

During July 2011, Brazil passes a motion in the alliance to eject Japan from the alliance.[11] This comes after Japan lets Hungary through to attack China, in response to Chinese (EDEN nation) aggression (invasion of Japan) and violation of a forced rental agreement in which China tried to use Japan as a meat-shield against Hungary by RWing Chinese-held Kyushu. It is noted that during the initial Chinese invasion and afterwards, Japan did not have much Terra support, and thus began signing MPP's with non-Terra nations such as Turkey, and the UK.

 Terra's reasoning behind kicking us was that we shouldn't sign an alliance with nations such as the UK or Turkey, and we should have never let Hungary into our land. Furthermore, they simply told us to drop our hatred towards EDEN since "only way of winning a battle is cooperating with them.[11] 
(Akki, President of Japan)

Then during July 2011, Cyprus became a member of Terra after their success in the Middle East and helping the Israelis after all they'd been through.[12]

Chile was expelled from Terra on 16th March 2012 because of difficulties in relations to Argentina and the Terra HQ. Brazil one of the strongest nations in all of Terra left in late June due to a diverse range of factors. [13]

During June 2012 Colombia became member of Terra.[14]

During July 2012 USA left Terra after signing a charter to join a new alliance with Brazil, Poland and Spain.[15]

On the 5th of September 2012, France left Terra.[16]

In September 2012, Terra was dissolved.


Originally known as PANAM, the alliance was named as a result of the membership of principle countries Brazil, the USA, and Argentina. This was (at the time) the second time an alliance adopted the PANAM moniker, the first now known for historical purposes as the Pan American Alliance (PAA or "Original PANAM"). An offshoot of Mexican foreign policy, and at the time also called PANAM, the original Pan American Alliance dissolved before 2008, after which its member group split to then establish much of the now defunct ATLANTIS and PEACE alliances.

From the beginning, PANAM was not intended to become the formal name of the alliance and a community review took place soon after to find an alternative name.[17] Despite the name having already been used for another historical alliance that had little in common with the current group, member citizens found the PANAM name dull, unoriginal, and most importantly, inaccurate. At the time at least half of the alliance's members were not even in the Americas.

On March 20, 2011, the PANAM alliance was officially renamed to Terra, with officials citing a desire to move past its American roots and establish itself as a global alliance made up of countries fed up with the then current two-alliance system. To this end, Terra decided to pursue friendship and cooperation with EDEN in order to combat the growing ONE threat.[18]


All-time Member countries (blue)
  • Nations that are currently under complete control of other nations (*).


From March 10 until April 10, Terra was run by two long-time friends, with jamesw holding the position of Secretary General and Artela assisting with his duties, in the position of Supreme Commander. Neither appointed deputies, however they have both appointed a team of key advisors and assistants, Icon-USA.png Henry Arundel, Icon-USA.png CRoy, Icon-USA.png Emerick, Icon-Argentina.png FlorenciaC, Icon-UK.png Margaret H Thatcher and Icon-Canada.png TemujinBC to help with the day-to-day tasks that come with running an alliance, as well as offering their wealth of experience and contacts to the alliance.

The alliance was then run by Icon-Argentina.png FlorenciaC and Icon-Germany.png Dermont helping them was Icon-UK.png Artela, former SC of the alliance and SG Deputy. Running military coordination Terra had a triumvirate which was conformed by Icon-Brazil.png Jazar, Icon-Argentina.png Tavo92, and Icon-Brazil.png dinossauro assisting them they have a team conformed by four (4) people, they were Icon-USA.png Alexander Hamilton, Icon-Portugal.png DomiBoss, Icon-USA.png Henry Arundel and Icon-UK.png Margaret H Thatcher.

In October 2011, the Alliance was run by: Icon-France.png kev2969, Icon-USA.png Vanek26, and Icon-USA.png Oblige with Deputy, Icon-Russia.png oDdkID. The Three (3) Supreme Commanders were Icon-Argentina.png Gabrik, Icon-Germany.png Caroline au Marymont and Icon-Cyprus.png Citizenturk.

In November 2011, the alliance was run by, Icon-France.png kev2969 and Icon-USA.png Oblige. The Supreme Commander was Icon-USA.png Vanek26, with deputies: Icon-Argentina.png Gabrik, Icon-Chile.png Jean90 and Icon-Russia.png oDdkID. The Official Coffee Guys/Gals were Icon-Germany.png dermont, Icon-Japan.png Squibeel, Icon-Brazil.png Hopez0r, Icon-Brazil.png dinossauro, Icon-UK.png Thatcher, Icon-Germany.png Caroline au Marymont and Icon-USA.png Glove. The Seweterest Lady was Icon-Argentina.png FlorenciaC.

In December 2011, the alliance was run by, Icon-Argentina.png FlorenciaC and Icon-Brazil.png Hopez0r. The Supreme Commander was Icon-USA.png Vanek26.

In January 2012, the alliance was run by, Icon-France.png kev2969 and Icon-Germany.png dermont. The Supreme Commander was Icon-USA.png Vanek26.

In February 2012, the alliance was run by, Icon-Germany.png dermont. The Supreme Commanders were Icon-USA.png Artela, Icon-France.png kev2969 and Icon-USA.png Henry Arundel.

In March 2012, the alliance was run by, Icon-Brazil.png Vigoncalves86. The Supreme Commander was Icon-Germany.png Caroline au Marymont.

In April 2012, the alliance was run by, Icon-Germany.png dermont. His Deputies are Icon-France.png Margaret H Thatcher and Icon-Germany.png Caroline au Marymont. The Supreme Commander is Icon-USA.png Vanek26.[19]