Don de Oliveira Albuquerque II

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Don de Oliveira Albuquerque II

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eRepublik Elite Citizen
Nationality Flag-Brazil.jpg Brazilian
National rank 5
Date of birth 22.06.2008 - Day 215 of the New World
Residence Limpopo (Argentina)
Sex Female
Political party NERD
Military unit Flying CATs
Military rank Icon rank Legends.png Legend
Legend title Legends of Brazil: Thanater0s Battalion IV
Aircraft rank Chief master sergeant 0.png Chief Master Sergeant

Don de Oliveira Albuquerque II, born as Mavie75, is a citizen of Brazil, former citizen of Turkey and France.

She was also known under alias La0ch.


Mavie75 had very good Land skill. She served 7 terms as a Congress Member and 1 terms as President of France. Mavie was a party member of Parti Social Démocrate and a soldier in 3e Régiment de Marche de Zouaves.

Nutt'private Parts was the newspaper owned and published by Mavie75.