Taiwan GoGoGo Party

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Taiwan GoGoGo Party

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General Information
Country Flag-Republic of China (Taiwan).jpg Republic of China (Taiwan)
Abbreviation 3G
Forum Forum link
IRC channel [#Taiwan-GoGoGo]
Colors Red
Founded 01 February 2011
President Yech
Members 191
Congress Occupancy 27/40 seats, 68%
Orientation Center-Left
Ideology Libertarian

Taiwan GoGoGo Party (3G) was founded by ReStar. The IRC channel of 3G is #Taiwan-GoGoGo @ rizon.net.

Political orientation

Originally, it was Far-Left, Anarchist. At some point, it changed to Center-Left, Libertarian.

Party mission

Always the royalists, that is, always support the reign of the "ruling party".

To stabilize Taiwan's political arena, for the purpose of promoting Taiwan's development.

Face government's fault: giving assistance prevails fierce opposition.

"Royalist" does not mean everything done by the ruling party is supported by Taiwan GoGoGo Party.

We will try to be a critical and rational party.

Party Presidents

Name Time Served Total Served
2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019
ReStar Feb 1
Kirk.Xu Mar; Apr 2
Bread100 May; Jun 2
Shirayuki Hotogi Jul 1
MickeyHowl Aug Mar; Jun; Jul; Dec 5
yami no fukuin Sep Feb; Apr; May; Aug; Oct; Nov Feb; Mar 9
GOURRYNSX Oct.; Nov; Dec 3
reChing Jan 1
Tzu Liang Sep 1
OMR.Ding Jan 1
Yech Apr to the end Whole year Whole year Whole year Whole year Whole year Beginning to Apr 73