Taktyczna Grupa Szturmowa

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Taktyczna Grupa Szturmowa

Taktyczna Grupa Szturmowa.jpg

General Information
Formation 9 May 2010
Country Flag-Poland.jpg Poland
Region Little Poland
Commanded by Uzury Zezre
2nd ShiroToAka
Commanders maxi1994

Taktyczna Grupa Szturmowa (TGS) was created on 9 May 2010 and it is one of the oldest military units in Icon-Poland.png Poland. From that day The Tigers (as the soldiers of TGS are called) have gained a lot of experience, they were taking part in many actions and were fighting on almost every front of New World.


It is unsure who was the first Commander, but in 2011 the commander became Jan Marten and later or before the commanders were Kaemic and Justitias, with a deputy P.Ropos.

In 2014 Taktyczna Grupa Szturmowa was led by Hababala (kamerol), whose deputies are Nowixon, Barteus and Gregoric. Barteus dealt with all financial matters while Gregoric dealt with informational and communication issues.

In 2019 the unit was Commander by Uzury Zezre, while his deputies are ShiroToAka and maxi1994.


TGS has its own Capital Group which provides tanks and food to soldiers for their fights. However, it employs TGS members only.


Commanders of TGS state that alerts are obsolete and they prefer organising meetings on IRC channel. The presence at such meetings is mandatory if a soldier wants his lost in battle tanks given back. It is also fantastic opportunity to fight and have fun together! The TGS military group uses #TGS channel on Quakenet.

Every member must wear avatar of TGS.

How to join

Any player can join the TGS. There are nearly no requirements except for the citizen's willingness. If there are any questions, they should be directed to any of TGS commanders who are more then happy to answer any question.

Bonuses and medals

TGS strongly supports its soldiers and for almost every achievement ensures them a reward. For more information visit TGS forum.